Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick baby

Well more like Toddler. The one day I go into to the City to go shopping(45 minutes away), I receive a phone call saying that Blakely is lethargic, not eating, has a bit of a temp, and is dazing off into space!

So of course, I start freaking out because I am 45 minutes away, Ben is at work(not answering his phone, and a few days ago Blakely had run into the corner of a door! All I could think, is her brain is swelling and I am out SHOPPING! What a bad mother I am!

Finally I call Ben's work, have them call someone else and then he called me! He was only 15 minutes away, so he left immediately, picked her up from school, and drove her to the Doctor! I arrived shortly after they had taken her back, as soon as I saw her, all she wanted was for me to "Hold" her. I of course started to cry and was angry with myself that I went off shopping.

Luckily all that was wrong is she has double ear infections. I know what your thinking, "Didn't she get tubes put in? How does she have an ear infection!" I was thinking the same thing. The answer is yes, but they can still get ear infections because really all the tubes to is help prevent fluid built up. Which thankfully, she doesn't have any fluid built up, and the antibiotics will have her feeling better in a few days. My poor sweet baby girl.

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