Monday, May 31, 2010

First purchase!

I had mentioned before that we hadn't really done anything for baby Breelynn, but the other day I ordered her first item, a carseat! (I sold Blakely's first one to a girl who was having twins, she needed it more then I did.) Ben told me to buy the best one and don't worry about how much it cost. So, I started on a mission to find the cutest, best, top rated, car seat! I looked at Chicco, Peg-o, Britax, etc. I couldn't find any that were not either a gosh-awful color, or didn't have the rating I was wanting. Which was a 5 out 5, or 5 Stars! So, I turned to
Consumers Reports(which is what Ben and I turn to when it comes to purchasing important/big items), and they rated Graco SnugRide Carseat the best! Which is the same type we had with Blakely(it was rated the best with CR then too), but with better improvements! I didn't really care for Blakely's car seat because you had to tighten the straps from the back(which is the reason why Ben told me to get the best carseat out there, he hated it as much as I did), but they finally changed the design of it and you can tighten in the front! Like we can do with her Britax carseats. Here's the one we got!

This and that

Life is a little crazy at the moment, but I feel the end of the craziness is near(at least till the end of June).

We have been crazy busy getting ready for Blakely's first recital{which was a success and will post about soon). I never knew the ciaos that went along with such a production! Dress rehearsals, make-up, hair, "specific" type of ballet tights, timing, timing, timing, etc.

On top of our crazy schedule, we have been skipping naps here and there, which has made it quite difficult for me to keep Blakely on her 1pm nap time. Which also, makes it difficult on this pregnant mama! I really hope she doesn't give them up and I am adamant on still placing her in her bed, for just a "rest". So far, so good, but sometimes the naps are only an hour long! UGH!

I have also been wanting to keep active during this pregnancy, but the 2nd go around with this, has been so much harder on my body! I can't seem to get up or role over without some sort of sharp pain somewhere!

I have still managed to get up and get us outside(since the weather has actually been nice here) to either slip-n-slide, play in the pool, sprinkler, whatever to try and wear her out! I do feel like I should be doing more with her, but I can't keep lifting a 40lb kid...I worry about Breelynn and myself, since I get so many sharp pains!

The best thing that we have been getting ready for is the ARRIVAL of Daddy coming home! I have been a slacker around the house. Not that it doesn't look clean, but I haven't been keeping up on the small dusting, mopping, etc. I do feel like I am constantly picking up the house, doing laundry, folding clothes, cleaning the kitchen, but I haven't really given the house a 'deep clean'. I guess knowing that Ben is finally coming home(and I have a huge TO-DO list for him before he leaves again), I want to house to be perfectly spotless, although he has seen the house at it's worst and probably could careless! What is it with us women? Or is it just me? I guess the point I am making is, I have been 'tackling' my huge to do list, which has taken me a little longer then expected! 4 more days to go!

Wow, it feels good to be able to get some of that off my chest! I haven't really spoken to everyone as much I would like and I guess this is my way of feeling a little less guilty. ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last day of PDO!

I can't believe that the school year is up! Blakely highly looks forward to 'school', as do I. Her last day was supposed to be a water day, but with the weather here in Missouri, it was cancelled due to rain and cool weather. Instead they had an indoor play day. Playing with colored sand and lots of crafts! Next year she will be going 3 days a week. I can't believe she will be starting Pre-School! She is growing up so fast!

Every week they get to bring something for 'show-n-tell' and she asked to bring pictures of her baby. Here she the last day of school, showing me the pictures she picked for school!

Picture Perfect!

I mentioned last week that I was going in for another check up(everything is ok with me) and we also got to see Breelynn, again! I thought I would share a cute picture they gave me of her. She is so funny with her hands, they are always resting on her chin or on top of her head.

She sat this way for about 15 minutes, which for a an awfully long time. I also got to see her in 3D, but with her hand over her face the whole time was quite difficult to see her well. We did get one good picture of her in 3D, but she was so translucent, it's hard to make out figures.

Picture "pose" Perfect!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Bloggy Change

A friend of mine, Dani(#1) today surprised me with a little gift! She came up with this wonderful new bloggy name and header! Isn't it just precious? I love it and was very touched that she even thought about me; to do something so sweet for. Thanks Dani!

She also has a blog, has soon as I figure out what it is, I'll link it to her name!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

21 weeks

I haven't really posted much about my pregnancy. Honestly I have really done much for this baby during this pregnancy. I have been so busy keeping up with the house and trying to entertain Blakely, I haven't had much time for anything! (I did manage to complete Blakely's big girl room and find Ben a car though-more on that later).

Here is a little catch up on Baby B

21 weeks
-I have managed to gain 3lbs.
-I can't pin-point down any cravings except the occasional pickle(s).
-I am still tired 90% of the time.
-I manage to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow at nap time, but at night it takes me about 2 hours to un-whined and get comfortable.
-I try and fall asleep on my side{every night}, but end up waking up on my back, out of breath!
-I wear maternity shorts and pants, but still can wear non-maternity shirts. I always wear my shorts and pants that are non-maternity with my belly band.
-Breelynn moves ALL the TIME! I am not sure she ever sleeps.
-I have been to the doctor several times with LOTS of pressure down below. I have another ultrasound Monday to check the length of my cervix. If it is thinning, then it will bed-bound for me. Boooooo
-I love to take baths!(this was the same with Blakely) Not that I don't always enjoy a good soak in the tub, but for some reason while pregnant, I enjoy one about every other day...maybe to take away all my aches and pains?!?!
-Blakely still kisses my belly all the time and talks to "sissy" alot. She also likes to sit with her hand resting on my belly in hopes to feel Breelynn move. Which she has!

Ok enough for now. It's nap time and I hear my bed calling my name!

Crashing Adult Time

I got invited to celebrate a friends birthday, but couldn't manage a babysitter. After asking Aimee(Happy Birthday Aimee), if it would be okay to bring along my little goof ball, we headed out to dinner with a LARGE group us(think there was 21 of us total)! It took forever to get our table and managed to spend 3 hours at one restaurant! I have to admit and brag a little, Blakely was wonderful and I couldn't of asked for a better well mannered little girl that night. I think we got home a little after 9pm and needless to say we were both exhausted!

Avery and Blakely!

The Mickelson's with baby Connor.(sweetest little guy ever!)

Blakely and Avery keeping themselves busy by tickling each other.

The Crew!

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's a. . .

and her name is Breelynn(yes, one word, for some reason we get asked that alot!).
No middle name as of today, but once Ben gets home, we will figure it out!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Open Letter to Blakely

Blakely, I need to tell you how wonderful of a little girl you are turning into. Words can not express the way I feel about you, but I will give it my best try.

-I miss you when your gone, I think about you non-stop.
-I am pregnant with your baby sister and you kiss my tummy at least 10 times a day.
-You are so shy around people, but once you warm up to them, you steal their hearts.
-You dance all the time, with or without music.
-Your favorite books to read are Fancy Nancy books.
-You have memorized just about all of them and you pretend you are reading to yourself, and do a pretty good job at telling the stories.
-We have made your room into a "big" girl room and you look so small sleeping in your full size bed.
-Your favorite colors are light blue and pink.
-Every morning when you wake up, you come into my room, say "Morning Mommy", climb on my bed, touch my face, and snuggle up next to me; until I am totally awake.
-You love going to the local Donut Shop and getting a Chocolate Sprinkle donut and "pink" milk.
-You are attached to my hip, when we are out, you just want to be with me.
-You don't like large crowds.
-You make me laugh all the time, which makes me a happier person/mommy.
-I love you more then life it's self and I couldn't image a day without you in my life.

Thank you for ever happy memory you have give me. You are my sunshine. I love you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco De Mayo Party

A friend, Alex, hosted a kid-friendly Cinco De Mayo party! I couldn't believe how many kids and mommy's were there! If I had to guess, it was 25 kids and 18 mommy's! She really does a great job hosting parties at her home and seems to keep her cool even with all these people and kiddos running around her house.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone and holding all the new wave of babies! Thank you Alex for allowing all of use in your home and hosting such a yummy party! All the food was to die for!

Daddy got Blakely this outfit from Guam and I thought this Cinco De Mayo Party was the perfect time to wear it! Don't you think?

Just a handful of the kiddos!

Happy Kids!
Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Dancing Princess

The other morning before school, I asked Blakely to let the dogs outside before we left for the day. When I realized I hadn't heard her shut the front door, I went to check on her. It happen to be extremely windy that morning and I caught her dancing in the middle of the driveway, singing to herself, so ofcourse, I grabbed my camera! As soon as she saw me snapping pictures of her, she got a little embarrassed, but carried on, while I snapped away!
Remember those days where you would just enjoy life like this?

Happy 7 years!

I can't believe that Ben and I have been married for 7 years! He is such a wonderful man and a terrific Daddy, and I am one lucky girl! Blakely and I got to celebrate with one of my friends, Colleen. I wanted Sushi and it just so happen to be Colleens birthday, so we packed up the all 4 girls and headed to the City for my favorite sushi place, Mr. Sushi, in Lees Summit!

I always was surprised with an Edible Arrangement from Ben. He coordinated with some friends of ours(Cliff and Jamie-THANK YOU) to pick it up in Lees Summit(since no one delivers out in the middle of no mans land). It was so sweet, yummy, and perfect for a pregnant person!

Thanks babe! Happy 7 years!

Jen's Baby Shower

A few of us(Aimee, Colleen, and myself) hosted a Baby Shower for a friend, Jen. We included big sister, Sydney, in on all the fun!

Some of the decor'

Aimee giving big sister, Syd, her corsage!

Hospital door Hanger! I need to come up with more original ideas for my door hangers, they are all looking the same!

The Biggest Cake Ever! Great job Colleen!

more decor'



Hostesses with Momma(and a small person wanted to join.)
I am 17 weeks pregnant here.