Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breelynn's first 2 weeks

It's crazy to think Breelynn's been with us as a family of 4, for 2 weeks. This has been the life of Breelynn for her first 2 weeks with us.

She has been a great baby! I am not sure we could have asked for a better baby. She just seems to fit right in. She only wakes up once or twice a night, sleeping for 4 hours at a time.

Her schedule is pretty simple thus far. She even had her first outing with us as a family to Hobby Lobby, Target, and The Gap. Sleeping the whole time! I had to wake her up to feed her! On our way home she was awake and didn't even make a peep.

I see you mommy!

Close up

Daddy with his girls.

Look at that chin.


Sleepy mommy and baby.

Her pose

She is always posing like this.

She is so beautiful!

Sleeping in mommy's lap

Look how red she gets!

Sisterly love, again.

So peaceful.

Halloween Decor'

It's no surprise to anyone that I love Halloween! It's my favorite time of the year to decorate for! I even love taking down my decorations after Halloween and putting up my Fall decorations just as such! Must people just straight for their Fall decorations first(booooo) and totally skipping over Halloween decor! Shame!!!

Here's a little peek of our Halloween Decor.

Halloween mantel!

These little guys, were picked up at Hobby Lobby this year for 50% off! These are what I call transition pieces-which means I can use them when I decorate for Fall/Thanksgiving!
My newest addition to my "transition pieces" were a steal I found at TJMaxx! These silver pumpkins were only $7.99 each! Love them!

My Boo sign I made last year!

Out front-we did these last year with the spiders.

My First craft of the Fall-Colleen and I saw these idea in the Martha Stewart Halloween Magazine. It was so simple to make and I just tweaked it a little. I bought a wooden craft wreath, spray painted it black, found some large snakes in the $1 selection at Walmart( I got 2 bright green ones for a little pop of color), floral wired the snakes onto the wreath, and used spray glue and added some glitter to give it a little shine! Voila-DONE!

I picked up some cute pillows from Target for the living room! They are too cute, but I didn't take a picture of them because I forgot!

We've been Boo'd!

I love being Boo'd! I forget about it every year until we open the front door and BOO, there's a surprise package waiting in our front door! It's like receiving an unexcepted package in the mail!

Look how pretty!

The person(s) that Boo'd us, knew we had 2 little girls and there exact sizes and knew that one of my little girls LOVES to color!

"You've been Boo'ed!"

Painting Pumpkins

I love decorating pumpkins! So, we invited the Allen girls from up the street to decorate with us. We bought stickers, glitter, craft paint, glue, ribbon, tulle, etc. and let them at it! They had so much fun. {As did the mom's}

Painting away, her pumpkin looked camo at first.
All the girls in action!

Fun times.

My finished pumpkin!

Blakely's Kitty Cat Pumpkin, my other Boo pumpkin(we did make Breelynn and Daddy one too,
Bree's is pink and green polka dot with her initials and Ben's has a B2 on it.)
The Allen girls finished pumpkins! Its so pretty to drive by their house and see all the pumpkins sparkling!

Time to play!

I love this picture! They are two peas in a pod!