Friday, November 27, 2009


we almost finished our Christmas Tree...

We finally got our 9 foot tree that looks okay with our 22 ft. ceilings!
The 12ft tree was just a little TOO tall!
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Lil B's Christmas

We have been getting some of Blakely's Christmas gifts. A few things we got some great deals on!

Leap Frog Text and Learn! She loves our cell phones and we are hoping this will help with our long car trips. Got it here!

Melissa And Doug Dollhouse! This is the only thing she has been asking for! Got it here!
We also got her some extra people and such to go with it.

Dress up trunks! Got them here and here!

A Bouncy House, for all those COLD winter Days! Got it here!

A Scooter! She tries to steal the neighbors all the time! {Got it here} She isn't allowed on with out on without one of these:

Helmet!!!! This isn't the exact one she got, but very similiar!

I can't decide though.....
She already has a stroller, but when friends are over, she DOES NOT like to share it, so we thought if we had 2, then it would make it a little easier on her! Which one do you like better???



Can't wait to get her some more of her smaller things! I have picked up a couple of these! These are great for anyone who has little ones 2 and up!

Happy Shopping! What are you getting your kid(s)?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Avery's 3rd Birthday Party

Remember how I mentioned Blakely was totally in love with Barbie and the Three Musketeer's, well SO DOES her Best Friend, Avery!

So her Mommy planned a Three Musketeer's themed Birthday Party! The invitation was a Pink Mask that she made(forgot to take a picture of it).

I used my sewing machine again and attempted to make a Barbie Cape for all the girls with the help of Avery's Mommy, Colleen.

Avery{the beautiful Birthday girl} and Blakely

This is the Mask Cake, it matched the invitation perfectly! (*I did not make this cake.)

Some of the girls and their capes!

Decorating Masks!

Wearing her mask she made and taking one the mask wands!

Happy 3rd Birthday Avery! We love you!

Flight Suit Party

We had a Flight Suit Party!

What it is, is where you take one of your husband flight suits and make it into a Girly Outfit! I bought a sewing machine so I could make my own! {On a side note, I have never sewed a day in my life and was quit scared of the thing when I took it out of the box!}

There were so many different flight suit and you got to see how creative people were! I thought every one's turned out beautifully.

This was mine! (My friends Andrea, (me), and Dani)

Check out all the Different Flight suits!

This one was one of my favorite made by my friend Chauna!

Erin and Aimee(love the tutu Erin!)

(Flight Suit Cake)
And I was also asked to make the cake for the event.....biggest cake I have ever made!

Ali's Baby Shower

It's time for me to play catch up! I have been bit of a blogger slacker lately. {my apologies}

I co-hosted a baby shower a couple of weekends ago for a dear friend of mine, Ali. She is expecting her first child in February and she is having a BOY! Connor!

(This is Ali and Tiffany)

(Us girls and baby Abby)

(Our beautiful food display)

(Entry way set up)

(Tiffany made this adorable sign with the paper we made the invitations out of)

(Sweet Tea and Almond Tea for our Southern momma to be)

(And ofcourse, the cake I made to match the invitation)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Lil B'

We have been so busy lately. With parties, school, dance, play, cakes, meetings, baby showers, etc.
I haven't posted many pictures of just Blakely, so here are a bunch of her, being her....
The weather was beautiful a few days ago, so we played outside.
Aggie is joining in on the fun...
She told me it was bright outside, so she went inside to her playroom and got this:

Couldn't resist, the closed eyes...

She has gotten so big, it is a little unbelievable.

Check out her ponytail! Her hair is getting so long!

All ready for ballet!{so sassy}

After a dinner, Daddy gave her M & M...see um?

A beautiful Fall day! This is my favorite picture of her!

Bright sun...

Couldn't help but play with the pumpkins!

This was before school....

Tippy toes! She's really good at this...

She runs around the house like a little monkey before we go to school, she gets so excited!

So happy...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

It's that time again! Amber has another great question of the week!

What are your favorite candles/scents?

I have to admit, I am not crazy about candles that smell like food{ex: peach cobbler, apple, pumpkin spice, vanilla, etc.}!
As I have gotten older, the way I feel about candles has certainly changed.

I love more of a flowery scents. And for the BEST flowery scent:

Tyler Candles are the BEST! Have think I have atleast 2 in every room!
MY VERY FAVORITE scent: Original!

More scents that make me happy(and I have at home):

Fluer De Lis
High Maintenance
Dolce Vita
Beach Blonde

*Tyler also carries all the Food Scents for those of you who like those as well!

Convo with Lil B

This is funny. I just had to share. Remember when I hold you about Ben doing the fly over at the Bama vs. Tennessee game? Blakely ofcourse had watched and seen her Daddy on television, which was just amazing...

Sunday Daddy went to the Officer's Club with some friends to watch the Dolphins vs. Patriot's this were it gets funny.

Lil B: "Momma where's Daddy?"

Me: "Remember he went with Kegger to watch Football?"

Lil B: "Ohhh yea.........Can we turn Football on to watch Daddy and Kegger?"

Me: Laughing at her sweet incidents and thinking she thinks her Daddy is always going to be on television. Just too funny!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jut keepin it real.

I love when people complement on Blakely's hair. I love hearing, "She has such beautiful hair", "It's so straight", "I wish my hair looked like hers". . .The ugly truth is: S H E HAS the CRAZIEST hair! When she wakes up in the morning it looks like THIS:

The truth is, I have the hardest time with her hair and it is FAR from beautiful! My poor little girl was born with her mommas hair! Thin, stringy, and flat! {another truth: my hair looks like this too in the morning!}

I don't know how to control this mess! I have tried everything! I buy salon shampoo for her hair(Paul Mitchell has a great kids shampoo called, KIDS), detangler after shampooing, silking gloss, etc. Nothing seems to work, so this is what I deal with every morning! I have to wet it all over again, dry it, and....wait for it----sometimes FLAT iron it! :::::::sigh::::::: I know, it's horrible, but sometimes it is just the easiest thing from both of us!

Please tell me I am not the only one that goes through this!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kreativ Blog Award!

I was nominated for the Kreativ Blog Award by sweet Ashley @ A Schott of Class! I feel so privileged and humbled! It is so nice to have someone recognize the time and effort you put into your blog(but sometimes shouldn't be since there is a pile of clothes screaming my name) and see the impact that your life, a simple picture, or fun craft has touched someone in some way! With that said, here's what I will do to accepted my award:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Name 7 things about myself that people may not know.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each.

7 Things you might not know about me

1. I have this compulsion to always see if I can make things, that someone else has made. I figure that someone had to have made it, so why can't I? Now, I do fail(at many things), but I at least wanted to say I 'tried it' or 'attempted it'.

2. My husband is a pilot and I have a fear of flying. (Where's the irony in that?)

3. I started this blog to stay in touch with friends and family, but ironically I have made many new and fun friends through my blog!

4. I use to sign onto MySpace at least 6-9 times a day, but deleted it because I realized my obsession. (so now with my Blackberry, I just look at FB all day and never have to sign on!)

5. We are trying for another baby.

6. I was born and raised in Gulf Breeze, Florida. {a small slice of Heaven}

7. I ate up to 3 packs of bacon a week while pregnant with Blakely.(can we say cardiac arrest?!?!)

Here are the 7 bloggers I chose to nominate in no particular order:
(some of you may have already been nominated, but please bare with me)

1. Just Beachy- Chris has some amazing talent for decorating and always has great tutorials for how to make things she has done! And I am IN LOVE WITH her daughters room!

2. Samsters Mommy- Samster's mommy is so crafty and creates the cutest outfits for herself and Sam. I enjoy checking out creations!

3. Jen Jen @ Tatertots and Jelly- This is the best blog to stop by and check out! She does everything from making jewelry to sharing her family to step by step crafts! She seems like someone that I would just love to have a day of talking, painting toes, crafting, and maybe sipping a glass a wine.

4. Katherine @ Pink, Green, and Southern - I love visiting her blog and seeing her lovely family. She reminds me of myself, which is also refreshing! We also are two southern girls trapped in a town that doesn't know a thing about the "southern" life style.

5. Pink Cashmere Cardigan- I can't say enough about how cute this blog is. She has a wonderful family and I love that she is into everything monogrammed!

6. Cydney @ Sweet Caroline's Boutique- Cydney is a creative mommy, who knows how to make anything appliqued, monogrammed, a-lined, pants, etc. She has a special eye and talent for children's clothing and not to mention her own fashion!

7. Shanty to Chic- If you have never stopped by this blog, you have GOT to TODAY! These two sisters have quite the knack for making beautiful decorations with common house hold/store bought/craft section items and turning them into simple projects that anyone can do! Thanks for sharing girls!

Now your turn to accept my award to you and pass on the love!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Molly's Baby Shower Cake

This order was made for a girl, Molly, who had a baby boy . . . Lex(love that name). I say had, because he decided that he wanted to make an early entrance into the World. (I think he wanted to come to his own shower and eat my delicious cake!) So needless to say, they postponed the shower, which was going to take place at the Melting Pot. AND lucky me, got to make the cake for her "new" shower!

Congrats Molly and Welcome to the World Lex!

Wedding cake with Butter cream filling. Vanilla Marshmallow Fondant. Serves 20

Lillee's 7th Birthday Cake

A friends daughter turned 7 and she had a lovely Tutu Bash at the Bowling Alley!
I tried to match the Cake to the invitations as best as possible.

Sorry the picture is so dark, it was taken with my cell phone and it was like 10pm at night!

Thought it tired out pretty cute! Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter cream filling. Marshmallow Fondant. Feeds 45

Annual Halloween Party

We had our Annual Halloween party and it turned out great! We did have a little unexpected cooler weather then we thought, so we ended up with 20+ adults and 20+ kids mostly inside the entire time. Last year, we got to spend the majority of the time outside, so just goes to show you, you can't always predict the future and always have a back-up plan!
Some of the decor'. I didn't get as many pictures as I thought of all our hard work.

Enjoying some roll the ball while waiting for all the guest to arrive.

We tried to have "stations" for all ages sense we had such a wide range of age groups. (8 months to 8 years old). There was a coloring station and a Halloween Book Reading Station as well.
This was the "Halloween Coloring Station".

Some of the girls showing off their costumes.
We had a costume contest and we had 3 winners(everyone won actually, we couldn't let anyone leave with out a prize!). . .Everyone had a great time voting for their favorites, including the adults. (ok, Blakely got 2nd place!)

Daddy and Blakely the Bumble Bee.

We DID have little boys at the party. . .they all were down stairs(hiding from all the little girls).
Frankenstein(aka: Jack) making his way down the stairs.

Pinata time! This would be the whole 5 minutes we made it outside.

We planned many fun games to play, trying to accommodate the wide array of age groups. We had a Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss, (of course) the Book and Coloring Stations, Guess your Name(where you pin a piece of paper to the kids back, that has a Halloween Themed name on it. Ex: Witches Brew, Black Cat, Spider, etc.), Make the Daddy a Mummy, and the Pinata!

Ben getting wrapped by Reagan.

Organized Chaos.

This is Baby Abby, she is wearing Blakely's very First Halloween Costume.
The Bumble Bee and the Flower!

I think is was a success and can't wait for next year!