Sunday, November 22, 2009

Avery's 3rd Birthday Party

Remember how I mentioned Blakely was totally in love with Barbie and the Three Musketeer's, well SO DOES her Best Friend, Avery!

So her Mommy planned a Three Musketeer's themed Birthday Party! The invitation was a Pink Mask that she made(forgot to take a picture of it).

I used my sewing machine again and attempted to make a Barbie Cape for all the girls with the help of Avery's Mommy, Colleen.

Avery{the beautiful Birthday girl} and Blakely

This is the Mask Cake, it matched the invitation perfectly! (*I did not make this cake.)

Some of the girls and their capes!

Decorating Masks!

Wearing her mask she made and taking one the mask wands!

Happy 3rd Birthday Avery! We love you!

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pink green & southern said...

What an adorable party--I love the pink satin capes!