Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Eve!

We haven't had a chance to call everyone individually and I know many of our friends and family are traveling to their Christmas Day destinations, so with that said. . .We are sending our love and Happy Holiday Wishes! We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and safe travels! We leave to head to Florida the 27th arriving the 28th.

Update: Blakely has been very ill with a stomach virus(vomiting), lethargic, and ear infections. She is doing a little better. Fever coming down, drinking some fluids, no more vomiting, laughed a little, she still hasn't eaten a thing in all most 16 hours, but we are hoping she feels a little better once she sees what Santa brought her! She did sleep most of the day today. She took 4 naps! Which is totally something we are not use too! I took a few pictures of her during a couple of her naps. Post them later!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ENT Appointment

As some of you may or may not know, Blakely has been having chronic ear infections since she was 2 months old. After 19 months of getting ear infections, she was finally referred to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor(she is 20 1/2 months old now). We had her appointment today and they DID recommend putting tubes in her ears. They said it will help relieve the pressure in her ears, get rid of some of the fluid build up, and that she might even start to hear better! I don't really think she has a problem with hearing though! Crazy thing is, while we were there they told us she has an ear infection right now. Thank the Lord it wasn't a double ear infection, as it is only in her right ear. They also recommended/told us that we need to get some custom ear plugs made for her ears, that she will use for baths and swimming from now on.

Her appointment is scheduled for the 20th of January! I hope this brings relief to our munchkin and less ear infections in the future! Keep your fingers crossed and her in your prayers!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chocolate+Counter=Very Happy Toddler

We were cooking some yummy Chocolate Mint Cookies for our neighbors and of course ourselves. As always Blakely was sitting on the counter(if we are in the kitchen, she is on the counter). Daddy and her got the privilege of licking the bowl and beaters afterwards. I couldn't help from taking a few pictures because she got it all over and was smiling from ear to ear! As soon as she saw the camera, she started her 'cheesy', but beautiful, smile! Enjoy!

After she was done.

Cheesy Smile ;)

Loving it!

So happy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks Mrs. Cydney!

Our favorite custom made clothing comes from a very dear friend of mine, Cydney, owner of! We just want to let her know how wonderful she is and how much we appreciate and enjoy all of Blakely's wonderful clothes she makes for her! The pictures below was a gift that was made by Cydney for Blakely. We just want to say thank you very much and tell you how much we love you!


Holding Mr. Bear

Sitting on Mr. Bear making a kissy face.

Striking a pose!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Caught you. . .

I was cooking dinner the other night, it got really quiet, so I looked out in the living room, searching for Blakely. . . there she was sitting on the couch with our laptop in her LAP! I got the camera, said "BLAKELY!", and this was the picture I got! Funny stuff!

"WHAT! I am not touching it!"

Meeting Santa...

DIDN'T go over so well, to say the least. At the Officer's Club they had a Pancake Breakfast with Santa for all the kids. Pancakes were great, the crafts were great, meeting Santa, not so great. We waited in line for what felt like forever, once we got up there(Ben was holding Blakely), she freaked and attacked Ben like she was a cat! She did not want anything to do with meeting Santa! So, we all got into the picture!

Family Picture with Santa(Blakely not so happy)

Waiting in Line. I told Blakely to smile, this is what I got.

Avery and Blakely having a moment. They just looked at each other for a second, then huged each other. So stinkin Cute!

Blakely with her first candy cane. She got it after 'seeing' Santa, even though she wasn't nice.

Monday, December 1, 2008

100 things you might not know about me...

1. I love to shop online.

2. I do not like my super round face.

3. I will never buy an American car again.

4. I have been told I have a decent singing voice, but have used it.

5. I like the smell of gasoline when it is being pumped.

6. I think my sister in laws are some of the most beautiful people I know.

7. I m not easily impressed with people.

8. I think my husband is one of the most intelligent people I know.

9. I use to spend $50 a week at Starbucks, when we lived near one. Non-fat, iced, half-caf, whit chocolate mocha.

10. I actually enjoy living in a small town.

11. I do not trust many people.

12. I was a Chiropractic Assistant and touched some pretty nasty people. (during college)

13. I have low iron.

14. I helped put my husband there college.

15. I am a savvy shopper.

16. I only wear chap stick and lip gloss.

17. I am jealous of men's abilities to eat just about whatever they want.

18. I enjoy a good cold beer.

19. I love Dermalogica Products!

20. I can not stand to be late, to anything!

21. I try and say prayer every night.

22. I have anxiety.

23. When I was younger, I hated not being with mom, I would cry when she wasn't around.

24. When I was 3 months old, I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with pneumonia and had a feeding tube inserted on the top of my head.

25. I do not fear death, but dying.

26. I do not like cheap people! Save, do not go into debt, and remember Heaven doesn't care how much money you have.

27. I buy expensive jeans. MY favorites are Paige, Citizens and Sevens.

28. I believe you should spend as much as you can afford on 'staple' wardrobe pieces.

29. I love Anthropologie!

30. I sleep with ear plug at night because I am the Worlds lightest sleeper.

31. I love being a Methodist!

32. I think people should really evaluate there WHOLE wardrobe once a year!

33. I do not like wearing clothes that are more then 2 years old, unless they fall under my 'staple' pieces must haves.

34. I retired in 2007 and became a full time mom. Thanks Ben!

35. I had some of the most wonderful friends when I live in Louisiana.

36. I do not cry much anymore.

37. I like to be in control, but I will always ask for help if I need it. . .

38. I am not afraid to admit to my faults.

39. I do not like my hair.

40. I wish I was a skinny person.

41. My favorite place to eat in the whole World in Chet's Seafood on Navy Blvd.

42. I loved growing up on the beach.

43. I have no patience.

44. I used to work at a bank and I can't tell you how stupid your average person is. Adding and Subtraction is the key to keeping your account OUT of the negative!

45. I thought giving birth to my daughter was easy.

46. I only pushed 4 times.

47. When they gave me epidural the first time, they stuck the needle in my spinal fluid and I had to be on an emergency watch the whole time I was in the hospital to make sure my spinal fluid held my brain in place(to put it into laymen terms).

48. I hate red roses!

49. I ordered a car off Ebay when my husband and I were in college.

50. I love Brie Cheese!

51. I do not like email forwards unless they have pictures.

52. I think people that are overly sure about themselves are trying to make up for something they lack.

53. I do not want anymore children.

54. I love the smell of my grandmothers house. I makes me happy.

55. I think my brother is one of the most fascinating people I know.

56. I wish I would of been an attorney like my brother and his wife.

57. I like to give money to bums.

58. I got Blakely's name from a friend of my sister in law.

59. I am obsessed with Blakely's clothes!

60. I spend way to much money on her clothes!

61. I love monogramming everything she owns!

62. I love to stop total strangers and compliment them, when I like something they have, from shoes, to their purse to hair! Something I think my best friend loves the most about me.

63. I get embarrassed easily.

64. I win alot of door is the craziest thing.

65. I want a king size bed.

66. I like people that are not like me.

67. I am a Virgo and sometimes I wish I wasn't.

68. I think home schooling is weird, but admirer those who do it.

69. I gained 65lbs. while pregnant.

70. I miss my parents, alot.

71. I have days when ll I want to do it sit around and do nothing at all.

72. I am afraid to fly, kinda ironic because my husband is a pilot.

73. I do not like super muscular men.

74. I think muscular women are even know like Madonna.

75. I hope my daughter is more like her father.

76. I do not think I am a crafty person, but creative.

77. I love hands on projects.

78. I am in love with the Twilight Saga. I think Edward Cullen is my hero!

79. I have lived in 4 different states in the past 5 years.

80. I have never broken a bone in my life. . .knock on wood.

81. My parents are high school sweethearts.

82. I graduated from the same High School as they did.(GBHS)

83. I have to straighten my hair everyday.

84. Me and electronics DO NOT get along. In in the past 5 years I have been through 15+ phones, 2 laptops, 1 computer, 3 camera, 1 toaster oven, you get the picture. . .

85. I have 2 chihuahuas, Agamemnon and Maximus.

86. My love the color PINK!

87. I am an 80 child!

88. I like confrontation.

89. I will always give you my honest opinion, but only if you ask for it.

90. My husband is great with my shopping habit, but I think it might stress him out a bit.

91. I judge people by first impressions. If you make a bad one, I probably will not ever be your friend.

92. I love my best friend more then I think she knows. I depend on her alot.

93. But I do think my best friend needs to stop thinking about the past and look towards the future.

94. I love antiques! I have several piece in my house!

95. I wish I had a hobby.

96. I LOATH Walmart, but it is a must....

97. I love Publix subs!

98. I do not like wearing dresses or skirts because I do not like my legs.

99. I totally believe in plastic surgery!

100. It took me 3 weeks to fill this out!

Ohhhh Christmas tree!

We decided since this would be our first Christmas that we are staying home(and not going to Florida) with Blakely, we might as well get a 'real' Christmas tree. There is a Christmas tree farm 7 mile out side of Warrensburg city limits that have amazing trees and beautiful scenery.

Blakely and me.

Blakely and Daddy.

Helping Daddy, find a tree.

She enjoyed walking in her "snow" boots.

The tree(the branches hadn't complete fallen yet in this picture.)

With the lights on. The pictures don't do it judges, it is gorgeous in person.