Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chocolate+Counter=Very Happy Toddler

We were cooking some yummy Chocolate Mint Cookies for our neighbors and of course ourselves. As always Blakely was sitting on the counter(if we are in the kitchen, she is on the counter). Daddy and her got the privilege of licking the bowl and beaters afterwards. I couldn't help from taking a few pictures because she got it all over and was smiling from ear to ear! As soon as she saw the camera, she started her 'cheesy', but beautiful, smile! Enjoy!

After she was done.

Cheesy Smile ;)

Loving it!

So happy!


We are the Ferrari's said...

She is such a ham! :) I love it!

Kathy said...

She is adorable!!! I love those moments!

Stephanie said...

So cute, love the pictures!!

Stephanie said...

I also love y'all Christmas picture. You are so beautiful Brandy!! And your family is just as beautiful!!. Can't wait to see you guys!! Love ya