Friday, January 30, 2009

B2 Tour

As some of you know Ben has recently started B-2 training. Today was family day where we get to go out and see the B-2 and also get to fly the sim(it is the cockpit of there aircraft where they learn how to fly the plane, before they actually 'fly' the plane, understand?).

So we got to go out onto the flight line and see the B-2 up close! As soon as we walked in the hanger, Blakely goes, "Ohhhh, mean!" Then tucked her head in Ben's shoulder. We started to walk around in, then we went up in the cockpit and she DID NOT like this! She started crying saying, "NO NO NO Scary!" After that ever part of the plane we saw she said, "Scary....MEAN.....Scary....MEAN!" Kinda funny!

I got to fly the sim which was fun, and I didn't crash it, so I considered it a success. Plus I didn't get sick! I have to admit, my stomach did turn a few times though. Those things are soooo realistic. Here are the pictures that I can show you!

Adam and Blakely in the Bombay. He is trying to hold her hand.

Running to see Daddy.

Her classic Cheesy smile beside the Stealth!

Family picture!

Another family picture. Pretty amazing isn't it!
When I ask Blakely what Daddy flies, she responds, "B2sss"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ear Tubes Day!

Blakely had her surgery today on her ears and it went well. We arrived at 7:00am and left at 8:30am. Only had to be away from her a totally of 23 minutes. 8 minutes for the actual procedure and 15 for recovery. The anesthesia had her eyes a little dartty and unable to focus, but only for a short amount of time. Once they allowed us back, we could her her screaming as soon as we walked into the hallway.

She did have a side effect from the anesthesia, she started to vomit. Once we left and got home, she had 2 more bouts with vomiting. After being home for a couple hours, she seemed to be back to her normal self! Only way you can tell that something even happened to her is she will tilt her head to the side pushing her ears again her shoulders, in discomfort. Nothing a little Mortin or Tylenol hasn't taken care of!

Right after ward.

She wanted Daddy more then she wanted me.

So not happy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Vacuum, Blakely's vacuum...

One of Blakely's Christmas gift was a vacuum that matches mine. Every time I would get my vacuum out, she would get a little frightened out and want to me to hold her. So we thought if we got on of her own that maybe she would come around. Well, we were right! Today I got the vacuum out from the closest, she looked at me, and said "Vacccum, vacumm!". Then she ran and got hers. After I plugged the vacuum in, she ran over to hers, turned it on, then went to mine and push the open on top to start mine....laughing with delicate when it startled her.

Pushing her vacuum with her 'cheesy' smile.

Please look at the ear plugs in her ears...she got him from Ben's flight suit. She kinda just puts them in her ears, letting them 'rest' there.

Pusgin her vacuum while I push mine. She also has 'cookie' on her face...can you see it?

Oh no, not the nose...

OH YES, the nose! We thought we had awhile before we had to worry with anything going in or near Blakely's nose! But to our surprise while we were in Florida, putting Blakely to bed, she was whinnying beyond her normal range. We weren't exactly sure what was going on, until we finally got her from arcing her back, and laid her flat on her back, to our horror, something black was in her N O S E! I shouted to Ben, to hold her still... yep, I was right...something was in her nose!

I went to the bathroom to grab my tweezers, came back, laid her back down while she screamed in utter agony trying to put her fingers IN/UP her nose(not share if she was trying to help or annoyed by the object),logging it further in her nose. Once we got her in a stable enough position, to where I wouldn't jab the tweezers into her nose, I preceded to dislodge the object. . .

IT WAS A RAISIN!!!!! Priceless...the relief that came across Blakely's(Ben and mine too) face once I got it out! I did take a picture of how big the raisin had become while in her nose, but once I started writing this I thought that it would be kind of gross to show a picture, plus I think you have a pretty good idea of what it might look like!

Conclusion, watch the nose people, and the things that are small enough to go into it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Playing with Brennan!

Brennan is me and Ben's God Son(my best friend, Kristel's, son). Blakely and him are 10 months apart and have the best time together. Even though they don't see each other often, it is like they never forget each other!

Brennan rocking the guitar.

They were pretending they were eating food.

Brennan and Blakely.

Pretty girl, making her funny face.

She is becoming such a big girl. She looks just like Ben's baby pictures here.

Finishing riding bikes.

Yelling at me about something....

Family time!

We have been busy, busy, busy trying to squeeze in as much family time as possible with everyone. Enjoying every minute of it! Here's a peek of our busy time!

Kissing my niece, Campbell!

Playing with ice at PawPaw house.

Alexa 'hanging' out!

Playing blocks with Granny.

Opening presents with Grandma Suzy.
Opening her blocks with Grandma Suzy.
Sliding at the Gulf Breeze park.
Alexa having a blast swinging away.
Blakely and Alexa playing at the park!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playing in the Florida weather...

with NO C O A T!

Florida family time!

We traveled/drove 15+ hours and finally made it to Florida! We have been visiting family and relaxing(kinda)! Blakely is starting to warm up to people slowly and it has been a joy to watch! I have always had this fear that she would never know her family or even want to for that matter. She enjoys playing with my mom(Yaya) out in the Florida room, which has turned into a large playroom after the grand babies came. My Dad(Papa) pushes her around in the stroller outside and gives her Popsicles to win over her heart.

With Papa, with chapstick in hand, ofcourse!

Opening presents at my mom's house.

She enjoyed the Elmo Live, after awhile!

Visiting with her Aunt Adrianne(Ben's sister)!


Christmas morning was so much fun. I can't tell you the joy Ben and I had watching Blakely enjoy all her new presents. Her 'Yaya' and 'Papa' sent her a Pajamagram for her to wear to bed Christmas Eve.

After opening all her present she was asking for more.

She enjoyed her stocking the most because there were a bunch of 'little' goodies she didn't have to open!

The house before the chaos!

Christmas night we had dinner with some friends, The Allens, it was delicious!