Thursday, January 1, 2009

Florida family time!

We traveled/drove 15+ hours and finally made it to Florida! We have been visiting family and relaxing(kinda)! Blakely is starting to warm up to people slowly and it has been a joy to watch! I have always had this fear that she would never know her family or even want to for that matter. She enjoys playing with my mom(Yaya) out in the Florida room, which has turned into a large playroom after the grand babies came. My Dad(Papa) pushes her around in the stroller outside and gives her Popsicles to win over her heart.

With Papa, with chapstick in hand, ofcourse!

Opening presents at my mom's house.

She enjoyed the Elmo Live, after awhile!

Visiting with her Aunt Adrianne(Ben's sister)!

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Anonymous said...

i love this picture just wish i could have been there. love you kirsten