Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing you a...

merry christmas
from our family to yours.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chocolate milk

When Blakely comes home from school, she immediately takes a nap. The first thing she wants though is chocolate milk.
She runs in the house, opens the frig, and does this.....

That is until I catch her, tell her to stop, and put it in a cup!

The Princess and the Frog

Blakely got to go see her FIRST movie in a theater: The Princess and the Frog!
She loved it and did Sooooo much better then I thought she would!
She lasted through the whole thing! She was in a trans for the first 30 minutes if the movie because she couldn't get over how big the screen was.
(The Allen girls and Blakely)

(P-Lou and Blakely)

Watching all the kids walk in...

The movie has started(and yes I was that mom taking pictures while the movie was on).

Ok, she was done with me taking pictures too. As you can see...

And we did snag the sits where the girls could get up and dance when the musical parts in the movie came on, to which they did dance. But I did not take any pictures of that b/c everyone was already laughing at them when they got up to dance around. So cute!

Work Christmas Parties

Love the Holiday's and all the parties we get to attended and play dress-up!
393rd Christmas Party
My handsome hubby!

Time to Dance!

Colleen{my partner in crime} and me!

Close up of Ben and me!
I would like to introduce you to the WORLD's greatest babysitter, this is Tabitha! She is a local college student here in The Burg and we feel ohhhhhh so grateful that she watches Lil B(and loves her dearly). This is us trying to take a picture on my phone.


Now for the 509th Wing Christmas Party. It had a price for 100 bucks for the winner.
So I whipped up the ugliest sweater for my man, which looked like a girl sweater.
I am pretty sure that 98% of Christmas sweaters that men wear ARE girl sweaters though.

Judging time....
{Ben would have won, but they gave the price to the enlisted guys}

Our men with their beautiful sweaters. Don't Judge!

Us girls.

This is the end of the night...can you tell?!?!


Blakely's Tree

This is Blakely's First Christmas tree in her room! We had her tree up before we had the family tree up! She just loves it! And's Pink and Green!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


we are having a hard time. . .

figuring out whether we give Lil B' her 'big' gifts and some small,

to her before we leave for Florida...

or pile them all in the car,

and bring them with us!?!?!

OR give them to her before we leave the burg???

remember what we got her...(some of them weigh close to 65+lbs.)

some of them are ofcourse from Santa and some from us.

Do we give her gifts here before we leave or do we just bring them all? ugh!

How do we pick which one is her big gift from Santa? bouncy house or dollhouse?


Monday, December 7, 2009

Chic Trash Bags

I have a confession. . .I own these garbage bags:

I got them from home at a place called Pensacola Hardware. I bought up all they had left, plus large storage bags and small storage bags in the same damask print. They are made by Two's Company, Home Chic Home line.

My dilemma is, I am running low on these guys and WANT MORE! But I can not seem to find them anywhere! Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get more or a local shop of your own that carries these guys? I do not use these everyday, but I do use them when I am hosting an event or have a special day for something! I just think they add a little something to something so... ummm...gross....the trash can itself.

In my search for my ohhh so favorite trash bags, I stumbled upon these super CUTE pink polka dot trash bags by Adrian K. But ofcourse, they are SOLD OUT!

{aren't they adorable, couldn't you see using these for a little girls birthday party??}

I also found these trash bags, but they really aren't me. Plus the only one I really like is the yellow one and you only get 1 with the 5 different bags you get.

Aren't these fun though? I know I am strange...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pancake Breakfast with Santa

The 509th Bomb Squadron every year holds a Pancake Breakfast with Santa. There are always pancakes(duh) with many toppings to choose from, crafts, games, and of course pictures with Santa.

Blakely and Daddy enjoying her Sprinkle Pancakes.

This is as close to Santa as we got. Blakely still isn't a fan of him and kept saying, "Santa is scary."

This is Blakely being afraid of Santa and having one of her melt downs. Look at those eyes!

Only Family Picture we got.

There was a cookie decorating table(her looking around for Santa, making sure he wasn't coming to get her.)

Avery and Blakely enjoying the cookies they decorated. Shortly after this is freaked out because she got icing on her hand. She highly dislikes getting dirty/messy.

So we got her a cookie without any icing on it.

Making Daddy hold her...

After she figured out Santa wasn't anywhere near the Christmas Musical Chairs, she joined in on the fun, winning 3 Ty Reindeer.

B2 Graduation

Here are some pictures from Ben's graduation night! It turned out to be such a success!
Ever graduating class puts together a ceremony, afterward heavy hors d'oeuvres are served, and a little socializing.
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Ben got the Academic Award! I was so proud of him. He studied a ton, so he totally deserved it!
The guys also presented the wives with bouquets of flowers(Ben was put in charge of this assignment, so he got gerber daisy for all of us, because they are my favorite), and then the squadron commanders wife also presented us with a B2 pendant. Very sweet! We also found out the next squadron we will be going too....The 393rd TIGERS!!! Whoooo-Hooooo!

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Congrats IQT-09B! Amazing Job!

Gingerbread TRAIN!

I let Blakely pick out which gingerbread house she wanted to build for Christmas, and she choice the Gingerbread Train Kit! Not 100% sure hwy, because she is afraid of trains right now, but so be it....we created our Gingerbread Train!

She is such a big help! Putting one candy on and eating the next!

Please ignore the no make-up face, it's a Sunday thing...

Taaaadaaaaa! All done!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun with Kids!

I had some friends share these fun activities with me so I thought I would pass on the love!

Capture Santa at home and SHOW your kids! Try it out here!

Also Disney Family came out with a Personalized Video from SANTA! Put them on Santa's Nice List here!

Have fun!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

This is always a real 'stumper' for me...Stocking Stuffers...

I have been trying to figure out what to fill Lil B's stocking with.

For the age group she is currently in....

Then I stumbled upon the coolest website!

It not only has fun and cute things for stockings stuffs,

it suits just about all age groups...

it is a party store...

and it has categories for specific things your child is interested in!

Partypalooza! Check it out!

Things I have figured out so far:
Finger nail polish
Hair Bows
Christmas books
Her 2009 ornament

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

B2 training=D O N E

THIS is a BIG day for us! Ben has finished B2 training! He successfully completed and passed B2 Training! Friday he graduate and have a little ceremony(picture are to come)....

This is what Ben flew prior to the B2:
{this is the B-52 he flew and served in the O.E.F}
This is his first flight in the B2, him coming from his landing:

LOOK at his smile! I can't tell you how proud I was to watch this(handsome) man complete his first ride in the B2. A dream he had been (and thinking he would never achieve) praying for.

Not to mention, his first flight was in the 'Spirit of Florida'(not something you are allowed or even know about, the plane you will fly in that is. We are from Florida, for those of you who may not know)....Here we are snapping a picture right after his 1st flight.

I can't believe he(we) have FINALLY finished B2 training! He will be deploying in the New(very new) year in the B2! Something he is VERY proud to say he was a part of! God Bless!
I love you Ben! Words CAN NOT say how proud I am of you!

Friday, November 27, 2009


we almost finished our Christmas Tree...

We finally got our 9 foot tree that looks okay with our 22 ft. ceilings!
The 12ft tree was just a little TOO tall!
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Lil B's Christmas

We have been getting some of Blakely's Christmas gifts. A few things we got some great deals on!

Leap Frog Text and Learn! She loves our cell phones and we are hoping this will help with our long car trips. Got it here!

Melissa And Doug Dollhouse! This is the only thing she has been asking for! Got it here!
We also got her some extra people and such to go with it.

Dress up trunks! Got them here and here!

A Bouncy House, for all those COLD winter Days! Got it here!

A Scooter! She tries to steal the neighbors all the time! {Got it here} She isn't allowed on with out on without one of these:

Helmet!!!! This isn't the exact one she got, but very similiar!

I can't decide though.....
She already has a stroller, but when friends are over, she DOES NOT like to share it, so we thought if we had 2, then it would make it a little easier on her! Which one do you like better???



Can't wait to get her some more of her smaller things! I have picked up a couple of these! These are great for anyone who has little ones 2 and up!

Happy Shopping! What are you getting your kid(s)?