Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Blakely got to go see her FIRST movie in a theater: The Princess and the Frog!
She loved it and did Sooooo much better then I thought she would!
She lasted through the whole thing! She was in a trans for the first 30 minutes if the movie because she couldn't get over how big the screen was.
(The Allen girls and Blakely)

(P-Lou and Blakely)

Watching all the kids walk in...

The movie has started(and yes I was that mom taking pictures while the movie was on).

Ok, she was done with me taking pictures too. As you can see...

And we did snag the sits where the girls could get up and dance when the musical parts in the movie came on, to which they did dance. But I did not take any pictures of that b/c everyone was already laughing at them when they got up to dance around. So cute!

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