Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I didn't get to many pictures of Blakely for Valentine's or from her Valentine's Party at school.
The camera was dead and I was too lazy to look for the charger.

Here's a little bit of what she came downstairs too on Valentine's!

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Baby B Update

I mentioned last week that I was going to the Doctor for the first time. We were so excited because Ben and Blakely got to come and we knew we were going to be able to hear the heartbeat. Once we got to the Doctors and after they examined me, she told us that my cervix was measuring 12 weeks, instead of 9 weeks like we originally thought. So she got the Doppler out so we could find the heartbeat and after 10 minutes and a look of concern on her face, she told us that she was unable to find a fetal hear beat.

I wasn't to concerned since I still felt pregnant, but the Doctor was concerned, which meant we got to have an ultrasound. Which would also give us exactly how many weeks I actually was. They could only get me in for an ultrasound two days later, which left me to build up my anxiety, and get a little nervous about the baby.

Unfortunately, Ben was unable to go with me(since he has already left), my friend Colleen came with me.

As soon as she placed the little ultrasound device on my belly we could see this little baby squirming around! Colleen started getting teary eyed which made me get teary eyed. I never got to see Blakely at such a (awkward) small stage. The ultrasound tech described this stage perfectly, "It's like a fish on dry land or a gummy bear." Which was amazing! It was so neat to be able to see that it was already growing it's legs and arms.

It was moving already! It would move both arms and then kick one leg at a time. AND it's little heart! Being about to see it's little heart beating, was amazing!

So, Baby B is doing well and moving right along! And I am not 12 weeks!

Heartbeat: 168
Weeks: 9 weeks 5 days

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Update

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. This baby has been taking a HUGE toll on my body and so many things have been going on!

A few things going on:
-First official Doctor's appointment tomorrow.
-Daddy leaves for deployment in 2 days.
-Just figured out that Easter falls on Blakely's birthday.
-Changed the theme of Blakely's birthday party with it being so close to Easter.
-Ben totalled his car, so we are a one car family at this time.(we will get him a new one once we returns from deployment.)
-We are putting finishing the basement on hold for now.
-My heart is aching for Blakely, she really doesn't understand where and why Daddy is leaving. He is her everything.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I am going to stop making cakes for a bit...
I know, horrible.
But the smells of things are making me nausea's,
beyond belief!
My stomach starts to turn,
my mouth starts to water...
and I have to walk away,
to compose myself!

I'll let you know when I am back in better shape!

Monday, February 1, 2010


[GASP]Blakely will be a big sister at the end of September! (Yep, right at my 30th birthday!)

(Sorry for the blurry picture, it was taken with my phone.)

I posted it to FB to let everyone know we were expecting. Announced a little early then we wanted but somehow people were finding out(couldn't have been b/c I nor Ben couldn't keep our mouth shut!), but happy we did, because I am sick of making excuses to why I feel like total crap or why I am not drinking! {Teehee}

I am not totally sure how far along I am because I have only been to the Doctor on base and they only do the blood test. I am (STILL) waiting on my referral to go through! (This has seemed to take much longer then it did with Blakely) We have known for 3 weeks now and Tricare has been having issues with MY stuff! Go figure! Not that I am in any rush to see the Doctor. With the 2nd things seem to be a little less urgent.

I will ofcourse be keeping everyone updated on our blog through out the pregnancy. I am just hoping/praying for less nausea, a not so sensitive nose, less burning in my belly, more energy, and not to gain 60lbs this time around! (4 out of 5 of these systems I am already experiencing, ugh!)

Valentine Goodies

I am totally regarding not using the "Loads and Toads of Love, Princess Blakely" because Oriental Trading had several cute goodies that coordinated so well with Blakely's Valentine's cards!(it didn't stop me from getting them though) Plus. . .I got a FREE SHIPPING using this code: AMG776(expires 2/8/10), saving me $8.99 in shipping! Can't bet that!

I also think if you are going to do a 'Princess and a Frog' themed party, these would be great treats for their goodie bags as well!

Aren't these so cute?

Finger Puppets!

I had to get these just because they were because they were cute too!