Monday, February 1, 2010


[GASP]Blakely will be a big sister at the end of September! (Yep, right at my 30th birthday!)

(Sorry for the blurry picture, it was taken with my phone.)

I posted it to FB to let everyone know we were expecting. Announced a little early then we wanted but somehow people were finding out(couldn't have been b/c I nor Ben couldn't keep our mouth shut!), but happy we did, because I am sick of making excuses to why I feel like total crap or why I am not drinking! {Teehee}

I am not totally sure how far along I am because I have only been to the Doctor on base and they only do the blood test. I am (STILL) waiting on my referral to go through! (This has seemed to take much longer then it did with Blakely) We have known for 3 weeks now and Tricare has been having issues with MY stuff! Go figure! Not that I am in any rush to see the Doctor. With the 2nd things seem to be a little less urgent.

I will ofcourse be keeping everyone updated on our blog through out the pregnancy. I am just hoping/praying for less nausea, a not so sensitive nose, less burning in my belly, more energy, and not to gain 60lbs this time around! (4 out of 5 of these systems I am already experiencing, ugh!)


Dani said...

CONGRAAAAAATS! I'm so excited for ya'll!

Cale & Katie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so excited for you guys...can't wait for all your preggo updates! Hope you are feeling well!
Katie, Cale and Lily

Deidra Brown said...

Congratulation! I an expecting baby number 3 and I will be 30th in May. Baby is not due until July. Did Cydney make the shirt?