Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Goodies

I am totally regarding not using the "Loads and Toads of Love, Princess Blakely" because Oriental Trading had several cute goodies that coordinated so well with Blakely's Valentine's cards!(it didn't stop me from getting them though) Plus. . .I got a FREE SHIPPING using this code: AMG776(expires 2/8/10), saving me $8.99 in shipping! Can't bet that!

I also think if you are going to do a 'Princess and a Frog' themed party, these would be great treats for their goodie bags as well!

Aren't these so cute?

Finger Puppets!

I had to get these just because they were because they were cute too!

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Cydney said...

Thanks for stealing my Princess and the Frog theme party that I was having for Caroline, girl! What happened to the Spa party you said you were having when I told you I was having The P&F party? So funny girl. You crack me up! I guess I will have to think of something else! Thanks!