Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have to post this about Blakely(and I hope she doesn't mind me telling everyone), but this child LOVES jammies, night gowns, pj, whatever you call them. I can not seem to get her out of them! As soon as we walk in the door she immediately goes upstairs to change into something 'comfy'. She prefers to stay in them all day! I have to drag her out of them.

After her afternoon nap....

Same day, but with her favorite doggie, Maxx. Just had to post this picture.

Jammies 3pm. I don't really know why she made this face.

Singing in her jammies.

And since I posted a picture of Maxx, I have to post a picture of Aggie too. He was in the room when I was taking pictures of Blakely, but sitting as far away as possible from her, since he still doesn't like her. He doesn't know what he is missing....

PDO Orientation

This year Blakely will be starting PDO(Parents Day Out)again and also Pre-School! We are still in shock that our little munckin is growing up so fast and it is already time for Pre-K!

We had orientation this week for PDO and she was so excited about starting up again! I actually started freaking out a little while driving there, thinking about her leaving me for 3 days during the week.

Walking into orientation.

Look how big she is! Such a pretty smile!

Playing with the Ponies that she always goes straight for!

Love her!

Blakely and Avery!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Breelynn's Missouri Baby Shower

I had an amazing baby shower today, that my dear friends went above and beyond on!
Thank you Aimee, Andrea, Colleen, and Jen! This shower was beautiful! Words can not even I am posting a ton of pictures, to show you!

{ME-34 weeks pregnant. Phone photo}

{Hospital Door Hanger made by Chauna-she also made Blakely's door hanger.}

{One of the beautiful floral arrangements}

{Petite Fours-shower gifts}
{Food! Fondue! And cute plates}

{View of cakes}

{Close up of the detail on cake}

{More views of details on cakes}

{Burp cloths that Colleen made for Breelynn-gorgeous huh?}
{They got 5 different types of cakes-Lemon, Buttercream, Marble, Raspberry, and Mocha
And more beautiful floral arrangements}


{Some of the girls-please don't hate me, I only took pictures while everyone was eating=bad friend!}

{more of my girl friends}

{and more girl friends-atleast they were having good conversation}

{Gift time-with my fat face! Chauna made this box that had two B2 towels for the girls, a wipe case, and a lovie with a "B" on it.}

{One of the B2 towels...she even made it into a hooded towel!}

{Showing how the little paci holder works}

{A sign for the front of the house.}

{Being silly}
{My hostess'- Colleen, Andrea, Me, Aimee, and Jen}

{My wonderful friends}

{Close up of the burpies, wipe case, and blanket}
{Close up of the B2 towel}

{So this is a normal size towel and then she added a hand size towel to create the hood-so great since we all know those little towels we have get too small too fast!}

This is just some of the pictures of all the lovely things I received from my dear friends. Breelynn recieved clothes, pacifiers, sleepers, a tutu, bottle holder, etc. You know when you see those pictures of yourself talking or eeewwwing or aaaawwing over gifts, you look absolutely ridiculous...well that's what most of them look like!
I would like to mention that my hostess' got my all my bedding from PBK. When I say all of it, I mean every piece! I was shocked, surprised, and very appreciative! I just felt so loved today that when I got home, I just cried.
Thank you to everyone that could make it! I know it was a crazy time for some of us wives who husband aren't here and vacationing season, so those of you who couldn't make it-we missed you! I love getting all the girls together-no matter what the occasion!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Glucose Test

As I mentioned in my last post I failed my glucose test. Well this Monday I had to do my 3 hour test, which went A-W-F-U-L!

I knew that I was going to have to get my blood drawn 3 times, but I was was 4! Within the first hour, I started to feel weak. I knew something wasn't right and as I pulled into the parking lot(for my 2nd drawing of blood), I started to have tunnel vision, my arms and legs became numb, and I started to lose my hearing.

Let me also tell you that I had Blakely with me. I knew I needed to get inside the Doctors office because I had Blakely with me. What was going on was I started to faint. I was trying to make myself get up(I had reclined my sit in me car at this point because I couldn't control anything at this point) because I didn't want Blakely to be alone or watch me go through what I was going through.

I finally got up and started to walk around to Blakely's side of the car but I started to feel weak again and I fell to my knees as I opened the car door. I laid on the ground hanging outside of my car with my child saying, "Mommy what's wrong? Mommy what's wrong?". I was just trying to not close my eyes, so I wouldn't pass out. I reached my hand up and unsnapped Blakely's car seat and told her she had to get out and walk with me quickly inside. As soon as I walked in door, a nurse came to get me with a wheel chair. I think someone must of seen me fall outside and told someone. My blood pressure as 88/50 and I was white as a ghost.

My friend Aimee came up there to be with me and another friend came up to pick up Blakely and Aimee's daughter so they didn't have to watch everything that was going on. I started to faint again while I was in the room. It was just the most awful day! I wanted it to end.

After staying at the Doctor's for 2 and a half hours and getting to Glucose Test finished(I made myself stay because I didn't want to have to return to do it again), I ate something immediately and started to feel better with in seconds.

I did get my results back yesterday and my sugar was high the first and second hour, but the third hour it had returned to normal. Which just means, that my body is still processing sugars, but it is doing it slower and I have to be on a low-sugar/low-carb diet. So, no diabetes for me! YAY!

I just honestly never thought I would go through something like this and never thought I would ever feel that way! I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with gestational diabetes or any type for that matter! I never knew my body would react that way to sugar!

I did manage to lose 3lbs. Breelynn's still very active and her heart beat is still 140 a minute! She is healthy!