Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have to post this about Blakely(and I hope she doesn't mind me telling everyone), but this child LOVES jammies, night gowns, pj, whatever you call them. I can not seem to get her out of them! As soon as we walk in the door she immediately goes upstairs to change into something 'comfy'. She prefers to stay in them all day! I have to drag her out of them.

After her afternoon nap....

Same day, but with her favorite doggie, Maxx. Just had to post this picture.

Jammies 3pm. I don't really know why she made this face.

Singing in her jammies.

And since I posted a picture of Maxx, I have to post a picture of Aggie too. He was in the room when I was taking pictures of Blakely, but sitting as far away as possible from her, since he still doesn't like her. He doesn't know what he is missing....

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