Saturday, August 14, 2010

Breelynn's Missouri Baby Shower

I had an amazing baby shower today, that my dear friends went above and beyond on!
Thank you Aimee, Andrea, Colleen, and Jen! This shower was beautiful! Words can not even I am posting a ton of pictures, to show you!

{ME-34 weeks pregnant. Phone photo}

{Hospital Door Hanger made by Chauna-she also made Blakely's door hanger.}

{One of the beautiful floral arrangements}

{Petite Fours-shower gifts}
{Food! Fondue! And cute plates}

{View of cakes}

{Close up of the detail on cake}

{More views of details on cakes}

{Burp cloths that Colleen made for Breelynn-gorgeous huh?}
{They got 5 different types of cakes-Lemon, Buttercream, Marble, Raspberry, and Mocha
And more beautiful floral arrangements}


{Some of the girls-please don't hate me, I only took pictures while everyone was eating=bad friend!}

{more of my girl friends}

{and more girl friends-atleast they were having good conversation}

{Gift time-with my fat face! Chauna made this box that had two B2 towels for the girls, a wipe case, and a lovie with a "B" on it.}

{One of the B2 towels...she even made it into a hooded towel!}

{Showing how the little paci holder works}

{A sign for the front of the house.}

{Being silly}
{My hostess'- Colleen, Andrea, Me, Aimee, and Jen}

{My wonderful friends}

{Close up of the burpies, wipe case, and blanket}
{Close up of the B2 towel}

{So this is a normal size towel and then she added a hand size towel to create the hood-so great since we all know those little towels we have get too small too fast!}

This is just some of the pictures of all the lovely things I received from my dear friends. Breelynn recieved clothes, pacifiers, sleepers, a tutu, bottle holder, etc. You know when you see those pictures of yourself talking or eeewwwing or aaaawwing over gifts, you look absolutely ridiculous...well that's what most of them look like!
I would like to mention that my hostess' got my all my bedding from PBK. When I say all of it, I mean every piece! I was shocked, surprised, and very appreciative! I just felt so loved today that when I got home, I just cried.
Thank you to everyone that could make it! I know it was a crazy time for some of us wives who husband aren't here and vacationing season, so those of you who couldn't make it-we missed you! I love getting all the girls together-no matter what the occasion!!!

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