Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oil Spill-Hometown

Most of you know we are were born and raised in Florida. We grew up spending our weekends as children going to the beach with our parents. I have fond memories of Pensacola Beach's bathtub races(If you have never seen this, it is hilarious, and I hope one do you will get the chance.), festivals, spending all day swimming, playing in the sand, building sand castles, and going home to pass-out from a long day in the sun.

We have thoughts and plans to be able to do the same things with our children! And hope that one day we still will be able too. Yesterday, June 23rd, our beautiful home, Pensacola Beach, Florida(Whitest Beaches in Florida) was struck by the devastation of the Oil Spill that is still going on in our beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

The Pier that we grew up walking down and fishing off of.

With all the devastation going on and lots of peoples livelihood gone, there is also the poor creatures that are being hit hard with the impact of the oil as well. I cry everytime I hear or see one of Mother Nature's creatures dying or being effected by the ignorance of BP.

These is just one of thousands of our pelican's effected/harmed along the Gulf because of the non-stop oil spilling. All he wants is to just be able to swimming/diving into our beautiful Gulf-his home.

Our family rented out a Penthouse Condo at South Harbour for the 4th of July week and still plan on going! I am not going to let this hurt our town anymore then it already is. I know that we will not be able to go into the Gulf, but I still plan on going into the Sound.

Please BP stop the spill and help us clean our beaches for the people and creatures of our town/Gulf.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Friday, June 11, 2010

25 weeks

I have to say that this pregnancy has really been different in more ways then one, but also the same in some ways.

I am 25 weeks and I feel more like 35 weeks! I am struggling to breath, have bad sciatic nerve pain that shoots from my pelvic area to my leg, which causes me to have a hard time walking or standing for any long periods of time. It also keeps me from being able to get a good nights sleep.

Breelynn moves a TON! I thought Blakely was an active baby inside the womb, but Breelynn has been showing her up! This kid kicks SO hard that sometimes it hurts!

She has the hiccups so much, just about everytime I drink something, that I feel sorry for her.

I think that my belly is about the same size as it was with Blakely at this point. Ofcourse at this moment I feel bigger, but I guess I need to go back and look at pictures to make sure. I am not sure how much weight I have gained since my last appt, but I go next week for my check up, so hopefully it is only like 3lbs. ha-wishful thinking. I actually haven't been to the doctor in 6 weeks, with Ben coming home, and wanting to spend time together, I kept putting it off.

Things Breelynn likes:
-the sound of Blakely's voice. {if Blakely talks to my belly she starts to move like crazy}
-me laying on my back.(which kills me, but if I lay on my sides she moves like crazy, pushing, kicking; trying to get comfortable!}
-to be awake from around 9 to 10:30pm, right when I am wanting to go to sleep.
-sweets! (she moves to much more when I eat fruits, cereal, ice cream, etc.)

Cailey Lynn

I am a little late(7 weeks) on this post, but I wanted to make sure it was ok with her mommy and daddy(my brother and sister-in-law), but we have a new attention to our family! Cailey Lynn! My niece arrived a few weeks early(as did her older sister, Campbell) weighing in a healthy 7lbs. 2oz.; 19 1/2 inches long; April 21st! She is adorable and we can't wait to meet her and hold her and kiss her all over! (Mommy was healthy too!)

{Lawrence, Cailey, and Whitney after delivery}

{The girls, Campbell and Cailey}

{Cailey a few weeks old}

{Cailey and Campbell-more recent photo}

I love these two little girls so much and can't wait to see them! From what I understand Cailey is totally different then Campbell, so I am interested to see how different they really are! I like to call Campbell my crazy niece because she is seriously the funniest kid ever! She is a fast thinker and always has something witty or funny to say! She also has no fear and will jump, climb, try just about anything! I love that kid! She makes me smile every time I think of her!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


The start of Tee-Ball season has started and this is the First time Blakely has played! And I must admit, I am not one for tee-ball, softball, etc. But her Daddy is and this is the one of the best things for them to do together! Since he was a baseball player and all. ;)

She got a pretty good arm...

Look at that swing!

She was ready for it to be over at the end. An hour long practice for a 3 year old, seems like alot, huh? But she did say she had lots of fun!

He's Home!

Daddy's finally is home! Deployment is over and we are so happy to have him home!

All ready to see Daddy!

We both are ready to see Daddy!

Waiting patiently for the Daddy's to get off the jet.

Still waiting....

There's Daddy landing!!!!! {I started to cry here, it was like the relief of knowing he made it home from a SUPER long flight and that he was going to be with us again. WHOLE-)

Here he comes!!!!!

Seeing him for the first time, making sure it was really him.

She ran to him as soon as knew it was 'for sure' him.(lots of men in flight suits)

She was so happy! She kept saying, "I missed you!"

And gave hime kiss galore!

Together again! (24 weeks pregnant)

Home Sweet Home!

We made him Key Lime Cupcakes!

Welcome Home to the whole 393rd Family!