Sunday, June 6, 2010

He's Home!

Daddy's finally is home! Deployment is over and we are so happy to have him home!

All ready to see Daddy!

We both are ready to see Daddy!

Waiting patiently for the Daddy's to get off the jet.

Still waiting....

There's Daddy landing!!!!! {I started to cry here, it was like the relief of knowing he made it home from a SUPER long flight and that he was going to be with us again. WHOLE-)

Here he comes!!!!!

Seeing him for the first time, making sure it was really him.

She ran to him as soon as knew it was 'for sure' him.(lots of men in flight suits)

She was so happy! She kept saying, "I missed you!"

And gave hime kiss galore!

Together again! (24 weeks pregnant)

Home Sweet Home!

We made him Key Lime Cupcakes!

Welcome Home to the whole 393rd Family!

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