Monday, May 31, 2010

First purchase!

I had mentioned before that we hadn't really done anything for baby Breelynn, but the other day I ordered her first item, a carseat! (I sold Blakely's first one to a girl who was having twins, she needed it more then I did.) Ben told me to buy the best one and don't worry about how much it cost. So, I started on a mission to find the cutest, best, top rated, car seat! I looked at Chicco, Peg-o, Britax, etc. I couldn't find any that were not either a gosh-awful color, or didn't have the rating I was wanting. Which was a 5 out 5, or 5 Stars! So, I turned to
Consumers Reports(which is what Ben and I turn to when it comes to purchasing important/big items), and they rated Graco SnugRide Carseat the best! Which is the same type we had with Blakely(it was rated the best with CR then too), but with better improvements! I didn't really care for Blakely's car seat because you had to tighten the straps from the back(which is the reason why Ben told me to get the best carseat out there, he hated it as much as I did), but they finally changed the design of it and you can tighten in the front! Like we can do with her Britax carseats. Here's the one we got!

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