Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crashing Adult Time

I got invited to celebrate a friends birthday, but couldn't manage a babysitter. After asking Aimee(Happy Birthday Aimee), if it would be okay to bring along my little goof ball, we headed out to dinner with a LARGE group us(think there was 21 of us total)! It took forever to get our table and managed to spend 3 hours at one restaurant! I have to admit and brag a little, Blakely was wonderful and I couldn't of asked for a better well mannered little girl that night. I think we got home a little after 9pm and needless to say we were both exhausted!

Avery and Blakely!

The Mickelson's with baby Connor.(sweetest little guy ever!)

Blakely and Avery keeping themselves busy by tickling each other.

The Crew!

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