Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oil Spill-Hometown

Most of you know we are were born and raised in Florida. We grew up spending our weekends as children going to the beach with our parents. I have fond memories of Pensacola Beach's bathtub races(If you have never seen this, it is hilarious, and I hope one do you will get the chance.), festivals, spending all day swimming, playing in the sand, building sand castles, and going home to pass-out from a long day in the sun.

We have thoughts and plans to be able to do the same things with our children! And hope that one day we still will be able too. Yesterday, June 23rd, our beautiful home, Pensacola Beach, Florida(Whitest Beaches in Florida) was struck by the devastation of the Oil Spill that is still going on in our beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

The Pier that we grew up walking down and fishing off of.

With all the devastation going on and lots of peoples livelihood gone, there is also the poor creatures that are being hit hard with the impact of the oil as well. I cry everytime I hear or see one of Mother Nature's creatures dying or being effected by the ignorance of BP.

These is just one of thousands of our pelican's effected/harmed along the Gulf because of the non-stop oil spilling. All he wants is to just be able to swimming/diving into our beautiful Gulf-his home.

Our family rented out a Penthouse Condo at South Harbour for the 4th of July week and still plan on going! I am not going to let this hurt our town anymore then it already is. I know that we will not be able to go into the Gulf, but I still plan on going into the Sound.

Please BP stop the spill and help us clean our beaches for the people and creatures of our town/Gulf.

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Karen Katulka said...

Hey girl! Great post... but I also wanted to say I didn't know you had a little one on the way - BREELYNN!! what a sweet, sweet name! When are you due???