Sunday, December 20, 2009

Work Christmas Parties

Love the Holiday's and all the parties we get to attended and play dress-up!
393rd Christmas Party
My handsome hubby!

Time to Dance!

Colleen{my partner in crime} and me!

Close up of Ben and me!
I would like to introduce you to the WORLD's greatest babysitter, this is Tabitha! She is a local college student here in The Burg and we feel ohhhhhh so grateful that she watches Lil B(and loves her dearly). This is us trying to take a picture on my phone.


Now for the 509th Wing Christmas Party. It had a price for 100 bucks for the winner.
So I whipped up the ugliest sweater for my man, which looked like a girl sweater.
I am pretty sure that 98% of Christmas sweaters that men wear ARE girl sweaters though.

Judging time....
{Ben would have won, but they gave the price to the enlisted guys}

Our men with their beautiful sweaters. Don't Judge!

Us girls.

This is the end of the night...can you tell?!?!


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