Tuesday, December 1, 2009

B2 training=D O N E

THIS is a BIG day for us! Ben has finished B2 training! He successfully completed and passed B2 Training! Friday he graduate and have a little ceremony(picture are to come)....

This is what Ben flew prior to the B2:
{this is the B-52 he flew and served in the O.E.F}
This is his first flight in the B2, him coming from his landing:

LOOK at his smile! I can't tell you how proud I was to watch this(handsome) man complete his first ride in the B2. A dream he had been (and thinking he would never achieve) praying for.

Not to mention, his first flight was in the 'Spirit of Florida'(not something you are allowed or even know about, the plane you will fly in that is. We are from Florida, for those of you who may not know)....Here we are snapping a picture right after his 1st flight.

I can't believe he(we) have FINALLY finished B2 training! He will be deploying in the New(very new) year in the B2! Something he is VERY proud to say he was a part of! God Bless!
I love you Ben! Words CAN NOT say how proud I am of you!

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dani said...

Yea! That is awesome! I know yall are so excited to be done with this long process we haven't even begun yet :) Congratulations!