Friday, November 27, 2009

Lil B's Christmas

We have been getting some of Blakely's Christmas gifts. A few things we got some great deals on!

Leap Frog Text and Learn! She loves our cell phones and we are hoping this will help with our long car trips. Got it here!

Melissa And Doug Dollhouse! This is the only thing she has been asking for! Got it here!
We also got her some extra people and such to go with it.

Dress up trunks! Got them here and here!

A Bouncy House, for all those COLD winter Days! Got it here!

A Scooter! She tries to steal the neighbors all the time! {Got it here} She isn't allowed on with out on without one of these:

Helmet!!!! This isn't the exact one she got, but very similiar!

I can't decide though.....
She already has a stroller, but when friends are over, she DOES NOT like to share it, so we thought if we had 2, then it would make it a little easier on her! Which one do you like better???



Can't wait to get her some more of her smaller things! I have picked up a couple of these! These are great for anyone who has little ones 2 and up!

Happy Shopping! What are you getting your kid(s)?

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