Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meeting Santa...

DIDN'T go over so well, to say the least. At the Officer's Club they had a Pancake Breakfast with Santa for all the kids. Pancakes were great, the crafts were great, meeting Santa, not so great. We waited in line for what felt like forever, once we got up there(Ben was holding Blakely), she freaked and attacked Ben like she was a cat! She did not want anything to do with meeting Santa! So, we all got into the picture!

Family Picture with Santa(Blakely not so happy)

Waiting in Line. I told Blakely to smile, this is what I got.

Avery and Blakely having a moment. They just looked at each other for a second, then huged each other. So stinkin Cute!

Blakely with her first candy cane. She got it after 'seeing' Santa, even though she wasn't nice.


Cydney said...

Blakely you look so cute! I bet you liked that candy cane. Did you save me any? Santa looks a bit scary. I would have been going crazy too!

The McCormick's said...

I seriously love the candy cane cute, and it looks like it tasted soo yummy! :)