Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Eve!

We haven't had a chance to call everyone individually and I know many of our friends and family are traveling to their Christmas Day destinations, so with that said. . .We are sending our love and Happy Holiday Wishes! We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and safe travels! We leave to head to Florida the 27th arriving the 28th.

Update: Blakely has been very ill with a stomach virus(vomiting), lethargic, and ear infections. She is doing a little better. Fever coming down, drinking some fluids, no more vomiting, laughed a little, she still hasn't eaten a thing in all most 16 hours, but we are hoping she feels a little better once she sees what Santa brought her! She did sleep most of the day today. She took 4 naps! Which is totally something we are not use too! I took a few pictures of her during a couple of her naps. Post them later!

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