Monday, October 26, 2009


Here a little glimpse of my husband's rock-star moment! He's 15 minutes of fame! He got to meet Joe Namath and be on TV! During the half-time show they took them out onto the field and introduced them. We had several friends at the game, who got to see him it in person, and many, many more that called us all day telling us that they saw him on TV.

He said after the game, they went and took pictures down on the field with everyone. Then they went and hung out and party with all the fans afterward. He said they were treated like "rock stars", people asking for autographs and wanted to take pictures with them everywhere they went that night. They didn't have to buy one drink that day to say the least.

He also said that he got many moms coming up to them, asking if they were available! I told him to enjoy his moment of fame, because he as to come back to reality with a wife and child soon enough!

They video is crappy because I recorded from my TV to my phone, so I could send it to Ben to see. Pilots names: Lt. Col Allen(Kegger), Capt. Smith(Cuffs), Capt. Walters(Shank), and Lt. Boman(Jbo).

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"Me" said...

that is so awesome!
I am so happy they had such a great time...and VIP treatment...they deserve it!