Sunday, October 4, 2009

Food for thoughts.

  • i'm an outspoken person, but when the attention becomes completely mine, i get nervous, don't like the feeling and 'clam' up.
  • with the invention of caller ID and texting, I get irritated when people leave me a voice mail, please just text me, i don't listen to my voice mail!
  • i love the 'highlights' section on Facebook, it is like a little gift on christmas eve, getting to peek at peoples live you don't even know, Don't mind if I do!
  • i dislike men or women who 'know it all', but find comfort in their confidence.
  • think it sucks when people complain about the place they are living in and actually have the opinion/choice to move or leave.
  • wishes that at the age of 65(when medicare is forced), that they should also have to take a driving test.
  • gets incredibly nervous if a cop is remotely near me while driving, even if i'm not speeding. you would think i was a drug dealer or something. . .{i'm not}
  • thinks it is extremely tacky when say one thing, but mean another. come on!
  • i think that all people with children under 5 should take naps or have quiet time once a day.
  • more often then not, when someone is telling a story about themselves, i am not listening.
  • can't stand people that talk to their children while on the telephone with someone. classy!
  • Thinks when someone says "K" in texting language, it means "I'm done talking."

love ya!


The McCormick's said...

I get so nervous too when cops are driving near clue why! My dad is even a cop :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Loved this! I found myself nodding in agreement for each and every thing!