Friday, October 9, 2009

Look what's coming!

A friend and I have kind of started a tradition of throwing a Kids Halloween Party(of course parents are invited too), this year we picked out the cutest Halloween invites courtesy of TinyPrints! Love that store! I can't tell you how excited we are! Have planned some really cute games{some new and some old} for the kids, for all ages! We ordered up some special surprises for the winners of the games too! Although all of them will be winners, ofcourse!
Look how cute:

What is everyone doing for Halloween? What are your kids dressing up as? What are YOU dressing up as?

Have a mentioned how much I love Halloween?!?!?!

*My fellow Burgers' be looking for this precious invite in the mail!


Ashley Schott said...

These invitations are soooo adorable!! What are you and your little girl going to be? I think my husband and I are going to be Lois and Peter Griffin.. I think it's great that you have a party every year! How fun:)

Rick Bucich said...

Thanks for highlighting Tiny Prints Halloween cards! We really appreciate it!

Rick from Tiny Prints

p.s. (fyi) the link to our pages is broken

Brandy @ Loving Blakely said...

Thanks Rick! I fixed it! Thanks for stopping by! Love your store!