Friday, October 9, 2009


1. why can't someone invent a voice recognition app for my phone; so when I lose, misplace, toddler takes it, can't find it in my purse, so I can just say something like: "Phone LOST" and it would respond: "Phone Here, Phone Here, Phone Here", until I find it! Kinda like a pager on a house phone! I just get so irritated trying to find my house phone(that is usually off the hook and dies) to call my phone!

2. Is having a hard time trying to find bedding for Blakely! To the point of where I almost have given up! I want nice 'shabby chic, antique' look and all the places I have looked seemed to look cheap or to the other extreme: TOO PRICEY! I need help!

Ok. . .I'm done! TGIF!

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fixyourhome said...

Have you tried I got some great sets from them last year.