Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daddy loves me!

Daddy took some pictures of Lil B in action! She enjoys laying out her blanket and placing all sorts of things on it! Balls, balloons, babies, purse, money . . .everywhere her little heart desire's!
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pink green & southern said...

That is so funny that you were already watching some of my auctions--I hope you win!

I want the Bella Nova polka dot shoes for Miss Priss but I am not sure they come in a 10 because not all of the bow shoes even come that large :(

Email me at & I will email you back with the links for our November crafts. We are making 1.)beaded spreaders for people to use at their Thanksgiving feasts and 2.)mommy necklaces with your child(ren)'s name on them. This past Tuesday we made some really cute pumpkin photo holders that would also be a cute November craft because they are fall-y not just Halloween-y. They would also make great recipe holders or place card holders on the dining room table at Thanksgiving!