Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is a sad story, so it you don't want to read sad, I suggest you stop reading now.

I can't really remember a time when we didn't have a family dog, but I really 'grew' up with two that I have the fondest memories with...Jessie and Haley.

I was around 12 when we got Jessie and then a year later, she gave birth to a liter of puppies, and I "rescued" Haley. Which just means I saved her from being sold! I just wanted to save ONE!

Jessie and Haley are my parents 'baby's' now that their children have grown and moved out of their home(we still need you guys though!).

In a tragic and sudden moment 4 weeks ago, Haley had a heart attack and passed away.

Enter present time, since Haley's death my parents{huge dog lovers}, adopted a new puppy who is 5 months old, Bella! I was looking at pictures of Bella that my mom had sent me, and Blakely happen to glance at them and said, "I see, momma."

So, I explain to her that Papa and Yaya got a new puppy and her name was Bella! (knowing that I didn't really know how to explain death to a 2 1/2 year old, I just never really said anything about Haley's passing)

Since the first pictures of Bella, Blakely has talked about Bella, and my mom has continued to send us pictures of her.

Yesterday we received a new set of pictures of Bella! As we were looking at them, we got to the last one and Jessie was in one of the pictures. Here's how the conversation went:

Lil B:
"That's Hay-a and Bella?"
"No baby, that's Jessie with Bella."
Lil B:
"Ooooo, Jessie, Hay-y, and Bella."
"No baby, Haley is no longer with us, she passed away."(o-m-g, how am i going to explain this?)
Lil B:
"Pass away?"
"Yes baby, she passed away, she went to Heaven. She's with God now."
Lil B:
"Oooo, she with Gawd. Hay-a pass away."
"Yes baby."

This back and forth conversation continued on with her looking me straight in my eyes, I could practical see her head turning, trying to comprehend what I was telling her.

I was getting teary eyed, watching my beautiful blue-eyed baby girl try and figure out why Haley was gone, as she repeated, "Hay-a pass away, she with Gawd".

Just then we heard the garage door open and she looks at me and says, "Daddy Home! I-I-I-I tell him bout' Hay-a".

She runs to the door and says in this happy exuberant voice, "Daddy! Hay-a pass away! Sh-sh-sh-she with Gawd!" Like it was the best news that she has heard today!

Yes baby girl, you are right, you should be happy...this was my moment when I realized that her sweet nature, sweet innocents, was absolutely RIGHT!

(Blakely with Haley May 2009)

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