Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anniversary gifts*

That sweet man got me this:

The Legendary KitchenAid Stand Mixer (that is really what it is called) in the color I wanted, Pistachio!

Oh how happy this made me. I have been creating all my cakes, by hand and my old fashion hand mixer!

So, ask me what I got him??? Ok, well nothing technically nothing because the gift that he wanted was just for us to go to Royals baseball game. I was totally for it, as long has he planned it and got the tickets and I figured out the babysitter thing.

Well, we wanted to make it a group thing with a bunch of our close friends and they offer half price tickets for all military on Friday, but you can only buy the tickets in person. We not thinking it was going to be SOLD OUT, he and his friend decide we will buy the tickets once we get there.

Everything seems perfect, a plan is in place, babysitter, ride, DD, and friends. We drove the hour drive to KC, wait another hour in a line to park, has soon as we are at the gates, a man walks up to the car, and says they were SOLD OUT! Perfect!

So, now what? The closest thing and our only alternative...Take them to Hooters! Oh, yes, Happy Anniversary Ben! To this wonderful man, this was perfectly fine. A cold beer, a big flat screen TV to watch the game(that we were suppose to be sitting at), hot wings, and friends, this was perfect!


Kate said...

Let me just say that I don't know you and am not quite sure of how I found your site... BUT, that mixer is badass and you have now made me a very jealous Louisianian! Congrats on it!

We are the Ferrari's said...

Ben is such a sweetie! I love that mixer! :) And when you figure out to ship your cakes to Ohio, let me know! :)