Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get Inspired!

I wanted to make something special for Blakely for her Birthday morning breakfast. We decided that Ben is going to make Blakely's favorite that morning(homemade pancakes, his speicality) and I would sit the table. Lately she has really been into Tea Time!

So I had an idea to go to a couple antique shops and picked up some mix-match China tea cups. I found everything you see for a total of $4.25! I stopped by our local flower store and picked up $40 dollars worth of flowers and a brick of Oasis, so I could arrange them securely in the cups myself. I have lots of ribbon around the house from baby showers I have thrown, so I had plenty to choose from. I added that as my final details because it needed a little something extra! Some of you may already have plenty of these things around your house. This a cute way to add a little something to a special day!

I wanted each one to be different, so I just asked the florist if I could go into the cooler and pick my own flowers out. Most florist don't mind, they just will end up charging you per stem.

This one turned out so cute.

This tea cup and saucer were only $2.75, total!

I took a sign that is from Pottery Barn and made it into a table runner and placed the Tea Cup Flower Bouquets in the center of it!

Cute huh, Hope Blakely loves them!

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Kelli said...

How sweet! Those are beautiful (plus I love a good bargin!)