Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blakely's 2nd Birthday Gift

We decided to give Blakely her birthday present early because this will be the only day that Ben and I have free until her birthday, even then we are dropping her off at a friends house early in the morning, so we can get a few things done before her party starts.

I can't tell you the expression on her face and the excitement she felt when she realized that her car was actually hers. She was like, "My-car, ride!" She drove it around for 2 hours straight until it was time for dinner. Let's just say it wasn't the easiest moment to get her in the house, but understandable so...

Checking out her new car.

Touching the buttons! Just like her mommy!

Starting to go...

Blakely and Abby trying out the car together. She saw Abby across the street and patted the passenger seat and said, "Abby Sit, ride!"

They "crash"ed several times!

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Kelli said...

Hi! I'm visiting from SITS. (I commented just a couple below you). Blakely is SO cute! I have a little girl -Ella- who just turned 2 (2 weeks ago). Welcome and feel free to visit my blog anytime!