Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party Success!

The party was a hit! It went as smooth as we could have wished for! The set up was too cute and the ice cream was a good call! Everyone had a great time!
We had a friend who takes professional pictures come to the party, so we didn't have to worry with the photography. As soon as we get the disk, I'll post some more pictures! I got a sneak peek at some of the photos and they look terrific! Thanks Allen! Can't wait to see them!

Birthday girl!

This was the cake I made to match her applique on her outfit!

The cake for everyone! It got a little damaged on the way. Ooops!


Troy and Elizabeth said...

You are like "super" mom. Those cakes are beautiful...where do you find the time??? She is truly a beautiful little girl.


Cydney said...

Blakely! You looked so pretty on your big day! I love the cakes Brandy! You truely have a talent!