Sunday, April 26, 2009


The other day after I picked up Blakely from school, her teachers started asking me a few questions about how often we work with Blakely on her ABC's and 123's. I told him that we worked with her, but should probably be working with her more often, fearing they might tell me she was slow or something(I know, why? Who cares? She's 2!). Then they tell me that the past 2 weeks she has been writing 'B's and they thought she was SO smart. Relieved, I was like, "OH, she always wants to draw her name, so we spell it out all the time." "Her Daddy works with her alot!"

Not thinking much about it, Saturday morning after breakfast, I told Blakely to go into her playroom and play while we cleaned up the kitchen. 10 minutes after being in there, I hear her say, "Mommy, Daddy, I draw B!" I walked in her playroom and this is what I saw.

See the "B"?

I was so SHOCKED, I cried! She was so proud!

Sorry about the flash....but you see all 3 of them? She pointed and counted all the "B's" to us. I know I sound like one of those mom's but what can I say, I AM PROUD!


Cydney said...

Yeah! Way to go Blakely!

Lisa said...

This is so sweet and dear. I would have cried too!