Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time Out Mat

So, my newest purchases for Little Miss Blakely has been this lovely, Time Out Spot Discipline Rug! Something I just know she is just super excited about! I had been reading articles about this award winner mat/spot/rug, so ofcourse, I google it and find this website: I also purchased it from this website as well.
It was super informative! Here is a little what the site states. "Time Out Spots are a discipline technique designed to help discipline children ages 18 months and up. When a behavior problem arises, children should be given one warning. If they do not obey, they should be sent to sit on their "Time Out Spot." When calling a time-out one minute of time out is recommended for each year of the child's age (example: 3 years old/3 minutes). Time out technique is a very effective way to manage unwanted behavior. To learn more about using the time out technique successfully, please refer to the links below."-
Blakely has been showing us her "temper" lately and we have been enforcing time-out time.
She likes to hit and pull hair. I guess I should be glad she hasn't been biting?
This is the rug we got, but we got it in the brown/khaki.

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kirsten said...

Hi Brandy and Ben, as ben can tell you i was pretty strick, he turned out great. I'm IMpressed with this concept of disiplinary action.
Your the Best
love grandma Tzolou