Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smarty Pants!

As most of you know Blakely has really gotten into reading books. She loves to sit in our laps and point at everything on the page while we are reading. If there is a "moon" in the background she will just starting pointing at it and saying something that doesn't sound a thing like the word "moon". We also have some educational books that we sit down and point objects, animals, automobiles, etc. out to her with too! SO. . . .

Last night we were in the play room after dinner settling down from our day when Blakely went and grabbed one of her educational books(Priddy Books; My Little Counting Book), plopped down on my lap, and wanted to point out things to me. Ben was sitting in a chair watching us. As I start turning the pages asking her where the "bear" was, the "dolls", the "trains", the "boat", the "balls", the "bugs", the "leaves", the "car", the "cow", the "dog", and so on and so on. (I am sure you get the picture) She just was pointing them out like she was a little pro at it! I mean, there are a few things that she can get caught up on(ex: shells, roster, square, frog), but for the most part, she knows whats in these BOOKS! It totally shocked Ben! He was so proud of her, like she had just gotten into a IVY LEAGUE school or something. I guess I had just forgot to mention or assumed I had already told him , that she had begun to recognize objects, shapes, animals, etc. She is becoming a smarty pants! She still isn't to good with colors, but is getting better at shapes! I just thought that was a story worth sharing!
We have several of this books and we totally think they are great.


Allie said...

Holy cow thats what i get for not checking the blog in a while! I cant believe how big Ms. Blakely is getting. Hope we get to see you guys soon.

Kathy said...

That is soo great!!!! It is amazing how quickly they can "memorize" their books!! She is getting so big!!