Tuesday, October 7, 2008

18 month appointment!

I could never deny that our baby was a "big girl", but when you see it on paper and have the Doctor tell you it's true. . .it makes me laugh! Blakely had her baby well check up today. She is a 29lbs 1.2oz(95th%); 32 1/2 inches long(75th%); 19 head(95th%).

She hasn't changed in the past 2 months. . .we just had her 16 month check up(which was supposed to be 15 months, but we were in Florida). I kind of thought she would have lost some weight because she hasn't been eating well or sleeping well! BUT I am glad that she hadn't because I LOVE her chub and am kinda sad that it is starting to go away. She is getting taller which is making her thin out in her legs and arms! I am going to miss those rolls! They are the cutest!

Just an little update! Hope everyone is well!

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We are the Ferrari's said...

Awh how sweet! I love baby rolls too! :)