Saturday, November 1, 2008


So this marks Blakely's 2nd Halloween and it was an amazing one! This year, she a Piggy! I say Piggy, because the word Pig, doesn't sound as cute. We had some friends(The Allen's) who held a Family Halloween Party. They played games(Pen the nose of the Pumpkin, Wrap the Daddy like a mummy, etc.), had spooky foods, and scary adult drinks that where made with Vampire's blood! We saw lots of different costumes; a Kangroo, a Monkey, Pumpkin, Piggy, Vampire, Fairies, Loin, and many more. It was such a good time and we had a spooktacular night! We trick or treated with a large group and hit plenty of houses to get just enough candy! Couldn't of asked for a better night! Here are a few pictures of evening!

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