Wednesday, November 5, 2008

5 Weird Random things about me today...

1. I hate living in a dirty house, not in the sense of actual dirt, picking stuff up, dusting, etc. Here's the thing though, I dislike cleaning! I have been telling myself all day to get up and clean, and the only thing I have managed to do is the 3 bathrooms(which were way over due for a good scrub)!

2. I can't wait for sushi tonight! Only eaten 1 thing today because I am so excited and I want to stuff my gut until I can't eat anymore, then feel like totally crap after doing it!

3. I have an addiction to the Internet. If I am at home, I feel like I would rather be on the computer, then watch TV(that is when Blakely is sleeping of course). Sometimes I even catch myself on it when she is awake and get angry with myself, then I get right off. It is like fighting with myself! I don't want Blakely to want to be on the computer all day long! Nor do I want her to watch TV for more then 30 minutes a day!

4. I love having something to do everyday! I love having a plan and mapping out my day around it.

5. I wish I could make us rich, I wish I could move us home, I wish I could buy my husband his own plane, I wish Blakely knew her family, I wish people would come visit us, I wish that we will raise an intelligent, confident, sweet, caring, humble person, I wish I had the motivation to work out, I wish I could make things better, I wish I know how. . .

Told you, RANDOM!

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mollytenebruso said...

OK - one more random thing for you today... You are doing a great job and I could have blogged the same exact thing as you on any given day (minus the starving until sushi part - I never miss a meal.) And I actually do love to clean and work out, but find myself constantly putting it aside to do stuff for the kids. It is very hard to do what is right for your kids each day and clean and work out and make dinner and do errands and make sure they eat organic wholesome food cooked to perfection and not become couch potatoes. Blakely will turn out great because you both love her, so just keep it up supermom!