Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My friend, Cydney and I have been talking alot lately about what to get our kids for Christmas. Well I know every year I would like to get Blakely an ornament. With that, I started to look around trying to find the perfect one, but nothing "caught" my eye for this year in her life. She hasn't really been into anything yet, like ballet, pony's, Cinderella, Dora, etc. Plus, most of them I found were pretty pricey, anywhere from $30 to $50 dollars! So, I thought why don't I make my own!?!?

So, I played around with a few and here is what I came up with! I also think I am going to give some out for Christmas gifts and try and sell them! The large ones(as shown) $5.00 and little ones $3.00! I can make them anyway you might want! With boy colors, with just initials, with swirls, to a B2!


We are the Ferrari's said...

So stinking cute!

Mendi said...

I love these! So precious!

Kathy said...

Those look really great! So cute!