Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and more!

What a wonderful time of the year! This years Thanksgiving has been one of the most memorable one in quiet sometime! Not only did everyone travel to Philadelphia, Mississippi, but we all traveled with 3 toddlers en tow! My Uncle Dale recently moved to MS with a new job hence the reason we went there! He has a beautiful home, as I once said before, that looks like it came straight out of a Ellen Allen catalog! My brother and his wife, my sister, Ben and I, and all 3 baby girls, stayed at the Resort that my Uncle is VP of! Which was lovely and fun, fun, fun!

Plus, my grandmother(aka: Honey) came from South Florida and my parents came from Alabama, so that is 12 in all! It was terribly big, but it was more then perfect! This was the first Thanksgiving all the girls were walking around and playing, so it was quiet a site to see! They all had so much fun together while we all watched in amazement at how well they played together. It is like they were born knowing that they will be friends for life. Each one with their own little personality. Alexa the older more knowing one, Blakely they follower and will do whatever they are doing, and Campbell the little with no volume switch. Making for the perfect threesome!

Last but not least, the hospitality and amazing food from my Uncle Dale! Everyday each meal was perfectly planned out with just the right amount of everything! The first night we ate at Remo's and I had the best Shrimp Scampi! Everything at that restaurant is to die for! The next morning(Thanksgiving Day) we had our traditional 'Golden Rod Eggs' and that evening the Thanksgiving feast fit for a King! I could go on, but I think you get the picture. We had everything we could of ask for plus more. He had planned out everything with the mind set to make us all happy, which was done with perfection! Thank you Uncle Dale, we all love you so much!
Here are a few pictures from the festivity. I thought I had taken more then I did because I vaguely remember seeing lots of camera flashing, but they most have not been mine. Once I get some from my mom and Whitney, I will post more!

Blakely playing with Campbells 'paci'.

Blakely and Alexa walking there the Resort.

Blakely, Campbell, and Alexa waiting for breakfast.

Pictures in the big yard.

Blakely in her Turkey dress.

The Family.

Blakely and I.

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