Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Powell Gardens

My friend Lisa came up with the idea to take the kids to Powell Gardens and get some pictures of them. It was supposed to be one of our last nice days before the "real" Missouri weather moved it. We also went with our friend Colleen and her 2 girls, Parker and Avery. The pictures turned out great! See for yourself!

Avery and Blakely playing in the leaves.

Blakely walking over the bridge.

Parker and Blakely walking over yet another bridge.

Baby Jack playing in the leaves.

Blakely(19 months old)

Driving the tractor.
Loving the water.
Mommy and her love, talking ofcourse. . .
She is such a happy girl.
Our life. . .

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Cydney said...

What a sweet little girl. She looks very happy! You look great too.