Monday, January 11, 2010

Open Letter to Lil B

My Dearest Blakely,
I need to tell you some things about yourself...
They make your Daddy and me, so very happy and proud of you.
You are 2 years; 9 months; and 7 days
You have grown as fast as everyone told us you would grow,
and it makes us very sad, but happy at the same time,
for you are such an amazing little girl.

We love:
  • how you brush your hair out of your face with both hands.
  • your sweet soft voice.
  • the way you talk to your baby dolls, as if they were your very own children.
  • that you always say, "I'm a big girl, I do________", whenever you do anything 'big'.
  • that you are potty training yourself.
  • that you like to match your big girl panties to your outfit.
  • how blue your eyes are.
  • that people always ask us if we put lipstick on you because your lips are the prettiest shade of pink.
  • that your hair always has static in it and stands up on your head.
  • you always go around saying the Walmart saying, "Save Money, Live Better, Walmart!"
  • that when we ask you to say your name you say, "Bwakwey Wynn Piff".
  • I love how much you love your Daddy.
  • that you love broccoli so much.
  • you count past 20, but get tongue tied after 22.
  • that your babysitter tells us all the time you are such a sweet child.
  • you tell us when you "want to go night-night."
  • you know the whole prayer at bed time.
  • you are so in love with your dog, Maxx.
  • that you love ballet so much.
  • when you give kisses.

I could go on and on, but I just wanted to tell you how much your Daddy and I love everything about you!

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jenjen said...

So wonderful that you are writing all of that down. Those will be things that you will always want to remember. So sweet!