Thursday, January 7, 2010


some of you may have known we were suppost to be heading home to Florida for Christmas, but the AF had different plans for us, so we ended up staying in MO for Christmas Eve and Day.
{we went to FL the day after Christmas}

Our Dear friends, The Allen's, had us over for Christmas Eve Dinner.

This is a picture of Lil B before we left for Christmas Eve Dinner.
{She's Dancing}

Family photo at The Allen's with ofcourse Avery too!

Blakely of course got to open one gift on Chrismas Eve and it was her Christmas PJ's...which she helped pick out(I can't say no!). And afterward they played with The Allen girls American doll girls....this is the one Blakely 'LOVED' and wouldn't put down.

We found it quite funny b/c the doll looked just like her! (she will be getting this one for her B-Day).

We came home after dinner and put out Sant's milk and cookies and ofcourse the reindeers carrots(she wouldn't let us forget to feed them! I think she must have read this in a book at school or something, because she just kept telling us they "needed food" too.

Daddy and Mommy stayed up last ofcourse putting things together and wrapping some last minute things....check out my cutie here!

ALL DONE! Santa came....and it was time for a night cap....
THE NEXT MORNING....she didn't know what to think. She just walked around, looking at everything and then finally screamed out! "Santa brought me a Doll House!"

Opening present....

She had to stop and play with everything and ofcourse try everything on!
At some point she got upset about something and was making this face:

Test driving her scooter with Daddy!

Atlast after all the excitement of opening gifts for 2 hours...she was worn out! She told us she was tired and wanted to just watch Max and Ruby....and so she did, with her trust-y sidekick, Maxx.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Baby!

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