Monday, January 18, 2010

Kelly's Kids Rep

That's right ladies! I am a Kelly's Kids Rep! I have loved there clothes since Blakely was born and decided to bring my Love for Southern clothes to Missouri! Well no... not really, the real reason is because there is NO PLACE around here to get classic children's apperal! Not only for everyday wear, but for special occasions(church, birthday's, holiday's, etc).

If you have never heard of Kelly's Kids, check them out HERE!

If you are interested in ordering from me or hosting a party(if you don't live near me and want to host a party and recieve the benefits from hosting, you can have a catolog party), please contact at

Keep an eye out for my favorite's from KK's in the coming weeks!

Look forward to helping many of you with your KK purchases! Thanks for your support!

1 comment:

Cale & Katie said...

How exciting! I would totally do a party...can you send more details on how it works?! Their stuff is so stinkin' cute!