Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How do you pack your jewelry?

after many years of packing and unpacking{thanks to my vacations to Florida and all the military moves}. . .I have figured it out!

Have you purchased one of these little jewelry cases??? And realized that there was NO WAY you are going to be able to fit all your jewelry in it? Seriously?!?! It couldn't hold even a weekend worth of jewelry and I have to bring a months worth! So, I have figured out the cheapest, easiest, and only way to transport your jewelry without it all tangling up or worse, getting lost!

I place all my necklaces in snack size zip lock baggies individually guaranteeing tangle free necklaces.

Now my earrings and bracelets I use bags or boxes that either came with jewelry I have received/purchased.

Now the question is, How do I transport all my glasses I want to bring?!?!? This is an obsession and this isn't even all of them. Maybe in another post I will show you my secret stash of sunglasses. They are kinda like my mood. . .changes in a heart beat! wink wink No really have them for different things I might do. Pool, hanging outside, walks, playing, etc.


dani said...

i do the SAME thing with ziploc baggies! troy thinks i'm crazy with all the "accessories" I bring...although instead of sunglasses, I have a bazillion purses I bring :)

Kate said...

Look at all those sunglasses!!!

I don't have the patience to zip lock everything, I just deal with the tangles, or make Adam untangle them. :)